New in town: Cha Re Re — Hearty & filling Korean food to chase away CBD blues at Raffles Place

This one goes out to all you office workers in the CBD. Korean grill and stew shop, Cha Re Re 차르르 selling stew and grilled meat bowls has recently landed in Raffles Place.

If you need a change of pace from your daily cai fan or even that “we are not the best but the Healthiest” spinach soup stall at CapitaSpring, Cha Re Re’s got you covered.

Cha Re Re - Store Front & promo pic

This new Korean joint is a sister brand to Hororok Soups & Stews. “Hororok” is Korean onomatopoeia for the slurping sound produced when eating noodles and soups. In a similar naming fashion, “cha re re” refers to the sizzling sound of meat as it is cooked on a pan.

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore their naming sense! Very straight to the point, their branding is absolutely adorable. Cha Re Re promises to bring patrons authentic and affordable Korean grilled meat and stew at their store.

Cha Re Re - O.M.G Galbi Rice Bowl & Kimchi Stew

The dish that instantly caught my eye would be the O.M.G (S$13.90) or Oh My Galbi rice bowl. Starring multigrain rice, grilled pork galbi or ribs, onsen egg, seasoned gim and kimchi with a side of egg soup, it looks like the perfect midday fix. When mixed up into your own bibimbap, it would certainly be a great quick and fuss-free lunch option for busy CBD folk.

Feeling extra hangry? Cha Re Re has what they call the EatSipShake combo deal — diners can pick their choice of rice bowl, stew and drink for S$S21.90. Otherwise, on a rainy day the OG Kim (S$11.90), or classic kimchi stew would be sure to hit the spot.

If you’re looking to try something new, Cha Re Re might just be the place to drop by. From an array of grilled meat bowls to staples like kimchi stew, it looks like a promising addition to any weekly lunch routine.

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