New in town: Besuto — Fresh Shatec graduate serves authentic and affordable Japanese fusion cuisine

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Japanese cuisine is often known for its fresh ingredients, which is why they tend to be on the pricey side, but Besuto aims to change that notion whilst not sacrificing quality. Besuto was opened on 28 Aug 2022 and can be found at 1001A Jalan Bukit Merah.

Besuto is run by three partners, including a fresh Shatec graduate experienced in Japanese cuisine. Another, married to a Japanese, has spent considerable time in Japan immersing in its food culture. 

Buseto front

With this expertise, they aim to serve authentic Japanese cuisine that will suit local taste buds by selling restaurant-quality dishes that are accompanied by homemade sauces and high-quality produce.

Buseto grilled Eel

When I say affordable, I really mean it. One of its main dishes, the Salmon Donburi (S$7.80), has freshly grilled Norwegian salmon fillet with a special miso glaze, and is topped with an onsen egg. 

Another seafood main dish is the Unagi Jyu (S$7.80), which is grilled freshwater eel glazed with tare sauce and an onsen egg. Where else can you get donburis that use such fresh seafood at this price? 

If you prefer something more meaty, Besuto has got you covered. The ever-Japanese staple Katsu Curry (S$7.50) has generous portions of crispy breaded pork with potatoes and Japanese curry with carrots. 

Beef lovers can opt for Yakiniku Beef Donburi (S$7.80), which has slices of grilled beef with yakiniku sauce, shimeji mushroom and an onsen egg. As an added bonus, all mains come with miso soup.

Light eaters can indulge in their Gyoza (S$4.80) and the Tori Karaage (S$5.80), which is crispy fried chicken cubes with homemade spicy mayo and lemon.

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