New in town: Avolato — Cozy gelato haunt with Croffles and Fruit Loops Gelato

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Avolato, located in City Gate Mall, recently opened on 9 June 2022. It’s one of the many new gelato haunts that have been popping up around the area, and it’s definitely here to help us beat the heat wave.

Avolato is a name blend of two things: avocado and gelato. This is definitely an interesting combination, as avocado itself is already creamy and it’s doubtful that it needs to be even creamier.

Avolato - A picture of their waffle cone and croffle

Avolato has many options to serve gelato in— a cup, on waffle cones, on waffles and even on croffles, which are croissants that are pressed to become waffles.

The gelatos are decently priced: Single (S$4.30), Double (S$8), Premium (S$5) and House Specialty (S$5.50).

Waffle cones come in two different variations – Plain (S$1) which is a regular waffle cone, and Charcoal (S$1.50) to spice things up a bit.

Avolato has many interesting gelato flavours, such as Avocado Lime, Red Dragonfruit Yoghurt which was specially curated for Father’s Day, Bourbon Dark Chocolate which is a bittersweet chocolate gelato containing alcohol, and even the cereal – Fruit Loops!

They also serve traditional well-loved gelato flavours such as Hazelnut, Pistachio and Belgium Chocolate for those who want to stick with flavours they are comfortable with.

Avolato - A picture of their take home pints

Their gelatos are also available to take home in pints, with Classic Flavours (S$15.90), Premium Flavours (S$18.90), and House Special (S$19.90).

While Avolato mainly focuses on gelatos, they do have bakes available in-store, such as Banana Cake and Fudge Brownies.

If I ever find myself in the Beach Road area, I will definitely make a trip down to try Avolato’s Fruit Loops gelato and see if it tastes exactly like the cereal.

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