New in town: 11CC — Muslim-owned cafe serving stuffed bagels with stunning coastal view

Ever wanted to have a feast with both your mouth and eyes? Well, you can now with 11CC, a coast-side cafe that opened on 1 Oct 2022 along 11 Changi Coast Walk serving bagels, coffees and more! 

11CC Exterior Shot
Credit – 11CC

Initially, 11CC was envisioned as a bike service provider that repairs and sells bicycle parts. However, after viewing the location, the owners fell in love with the idea of opening a cafe that has such an astounding view and wanted to incorporate Bali beach vibes into it. 

But of course, it all means nothing if the food options aren’t stellar. Thankfully it is, with a wide variety of choices that will accompany you along with the cool ocean breeze. 11CC is also a Muslim-owned establishment. 

11CC - Maximus
Credit – 11CC

Some of its bagel creations includes Maximus (S$14.90). This particularly protein-packed bagel contains Beef Pastrami, Turkey Bacon, Beef Salami, Turkey Ham, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Lettuce and Cucumber, and is served with Chipotle sauce.

If you prefer something more inline with the location, you can opt for the Sea Stuffed (S$9.90), which has Spicy Tuna, Spicy Mayo and an assortment of veggies.

11CC - Aglio Olio
Credit – 11CC

If you prefer a more complete meal, you could opt for the Pasta Specials such as Aglio Olio (S$11.90) or Carbonara (S$13.90). Both come in either Ham or Seafood options. Light eaters also have many different choices, like Bangers & Mash (S$9.90), Milky Meatballs (S$8.90), Cheese Fries (S$7.90) and Roasted Hot Wings (S$7.90).

Just there for the view? 11CC has got you covered with plenty of drink options that range from Vienna Coffee (S$6.90) to your Palm Beach (Ice Blended) (S$5.90). It even has desserts such as Banana Split (S$7.90) and Churros (S$5.90)!

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