Toronto Film Festival 2012 Fashion: Keira Knightley, Emma Watson & Selena Gomez

If you've had your fill of New York Fashion Week's FROWers donning their hipster gear, turn your eye to the fabulous frocks on show at the Toronto Film Festival. Keira Knightley had us mesmirised when she swooped onto the red carpet to promote Anna Karenina in a dramatic black Elie Saab gown while Selena Gomez looked gorgeously girly in a frothy Marchesa confection. On the other side of the spectrum, Elle Fanning went the androgynous route thanks to a printed Miu Miu suit and, of course, we've already assessed every inch of Kristen Stewart's snazzy ensemble. To see all the best dressers - there's plenty of hits from Emma Watson, Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Garner too - browse through the gallery above. And if you want a close up on those fancy frocks, zoom in by hovering over the image. Win!

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