These Are the Top Trending Home Projects of Spring 2023

Above-ground pools and gazebo installations are both trending upward.

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As summer approaches, homeowners are improving their spaces from front to back, literally. The anticipation of a season of backyard barbecues, leisurely outdoor hangs, and family parties, is the perfect inspiration to get going on home improvement. As much as the season calls people to get out and travel, it can also provide the much-needed energy (and additional hours of daylight) to work on home projects and make whatever space you're working with a better place to be.

Earlier this year, nearly half of homeowners (48 percent) told Thumbtack they plan to spend $10,000 or more on home projects—and people seem to be making good on that promise in time for summer. To find out which areas of home improvement are getting the most attention this spring, Thumbtack analyzed its database of millions of home projects to see which projects are getting searched and completed the most. Below, learn about all the top trending home improvement projects of spring 2023.

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Top Exterior Home Improvement Projects

Here are Thumbtack's top exterior improvement projects (plus the current national average cost for each service):

  1. Landscaping and design: ($1,034-$5,720)

  2. Tree trimming and removal: ($400-$2,839)

  3. Fence and gate installations: ($5,206-$7,000)

  4. Concrete installations: ($3-$10 per square foot)

  5. Exterior painting: ($3,014-$8,117 for a 2,500 square foot home)

  6. Gardening ($50-65 per hour)

  7. Deck and porch remodel or addition: ($2,925-$15,329)

  8. Gazebo installations and construction: ($202-$1,500)

  9. Sod installations: ($1,568-$2,409 for 2,500 square feet)

  10. Play equipment construction and assembly: ($350-850 on average)

Curb Appeal and Yard Improvement

According to Thumbtack, last fall, 32 percent of homeowners said they planned to make a substantial investment in their outdoor spaces in 2023. This spring, 36 percent of homeowners are investing in curb appeal by refreshing their homes’ exteriors with new paint jobs and updating their front and back yards. More than half of those working on outdoor projects are undertaking (i.e. hardscaping, xeriscaping) or taking on larger projects such as adding or removing trees and installing sprinklers.

With homeowners focused on making the most of their outdoor spaces, patio additions or remodels are up 34 percent year-over-year and gazebo installations are up 72 percent year-over-year.


While some of the hobbies that spiked during the pandemic have fizzled out, gardening doesn't seem to be one of them. According to Thumbtack, there's been a 64 percent year-over-year spike in gardening projects. Whether homeowners are new to the trade or just looking to start fresh, 26 percent are opting to replace their existing garden or create an entirely new garden from scratch.

Pools and Hot Tubs

A yard with a pool is a dream for many of us, and last fall, 1 in 10 consumers told Thumbtack that they were hoping to add a pool or hot tub to their home in 2023. And the data shows that many people are following through—and they're opting for a more affordable alternative. Above-ground pools are spiking by 108 percent year-over-year and hot tub installations are also up 71 percent year-over-year, with 80 percent of homeowners opting for above-ground hot tubs—no doubt sales of pool and hot tub covers have also increased respectively.

A solid majority of above-ground swimming pool installations (88 percent) this spring have been “cowboy pools,” a style of small pool that's typically made from stock tanks and are typically a fraction of the cost of an in-ground pool.

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Top Interior Home Improvement Projects

Here are Thumbtack's top interior home improvement projects (plus the current national average cost for each service):

  1. Interior painting: ($5,401-$24,282 for 1,400-2,800 square feet)

  2. Floor installations: ($1,583-$7,101)

  3. Switch and outlet installations: ($175-$260)

  4. Lighting installations: ($150-$225)

  5. Door installations: ($250-$350)

  6. Tile installations: ($750-$4,000)

  7. Bathroom remodels: ($9,809-$18,640 for a 40 square foot full bath)

  8. Appliance installations: ($120-$150)

  9. Home remodeling services: ($2,500-$30,500, depending on scope)

  10. Wallpaper installations: ($350-$1,250)

Room and Closet Remodels

Homeowners are also looking inward—to the interior of their homes, that is—and finding ways to improve their personal spaces. Room remodels are up 94 percent year-over-year while closet remodels are up 93 percent year-over-year. At 44 percent, bedroom remodels are the most popular of the rooms being remodeled, followed by living rooms (33 percent) and dining rooms (10 percent).

Modifications for Aging in Place

Instead of downsizing or looking for a more accessible home, many older Americans are finding ways to modify their current homes to allow for aging in place. Thumbtack reports a continued spike in home modifications for accessibility—which are up 238 percent year-over-year and have been consistently trending upward for the past three months. Of those home modifications, 50 percent are being made to entrances and exits, 35 percent to bathrooms, 18 percent to staircases and 6 percent to kitchens.

For the projects still underway: 38 percent are adding a ramp, 19 percent are adding a shower grab bar, 14 percent are widening doorways, 14 percent are adding handrails, 5 percent are changing their countertop or cabinet height, 5 percent are relocating light switches and outlets, and 5 percent are adding toilet grab bars. 

Climate Change Responses and Energy-Saving Adjustments

Unfortunately, climate change continues to dictate a lot of factors that affect home maintenance and repairs. This April, Thumbtack reports a 867 percent increase in snow plowing, compared to the same time last year—an extension of record breaking weather patterns experienced across the country. Water damage cleanup and restoration projects were also up 37 percent year-over-year, while generator installations spiked 43 percent year-over-year and water treatment system installations spiked by 70 percent year-over-year as consumers look to prepare for emergency power outages and the effects of extreme weather.

Homeowners are also looking to lower their carbon footprint, Thumbtack reports. In a recent surveyThumbtack completed in partnership with Rewiring America, 71 percent of Americans said sustainability is a priority for their home projects this year. As homeowners look to improve their home’s energy efficiency, and save on energy bills, solar panel installations are up 55 percent year-over-year and insulation upgrades and installations are up 38 percent year-over-year.

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