Top 30 takeaways of 2022 revealed – is your favourite dish on the list?

Person opening takeaway box at home. (Getty Images)
What's your takeaway go-to? (Getty Images)

From Mexican favourites to fast-food classics and trendy desserts, the nation's best-loved takeaways and where they get them from have been revealed.

All hail the Burrito from Chipotle in London as the most popular thing to order, taking the number one spot in Deliveroo's top 30 trending dishes of 2022.

Coming in second place is the clearly irresistible Pad Thai from Ting Thai Caravan in Edinburgh, while the humble Cheeseburger from Five Guys in the capital completes the top three.

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Family sitting at table and opening takeaway food together, featuring a burrito. (Getty Images)
Burritos are going down a treat in London and Aberdeen. (Getty Images)

Other top dishes Londoners are loving include a Build Your Own Salad Bowl from Atis (keeping it healthy), The Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes, the House Black Daal from Dishoom (we don't blame you with restaurant queues round the street), and the Original Frozen Yogurt from Snog.

And while it's not exactly a meal, the very millennial option of Perfectly Ripe Avocados from Waitrose even came in at number seven.

Meanwhile, those up in York can't get enough of the Regular Fried Chicken Strips from Clucking Oinks.

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Thai Fried Noodles
Scots are loving the humble Pad Thai. (Getty Images)

Other favourite dishes in the top 20 include the Margherita from VIP Very Italian Pizza in Brighton, Katsu Curry (chicken) from Wagamama in London, (another) Burrito from FreshMex in Aberdeen and... Fairtrade Bananas x5 from Morrisons in Manchester. We'll call that one a healthy snack.

Featuring in the top 30 are The 'Carbonara of Dreams' from Pasta Evangelists in the capital, Southern Fried from Chicken & Blues in Bournemouth, and Pita Yeeros Chicken from Meat theGreek in Guildford, among many more mouthwatering options.

Cheeseburger takeaway. (Getty Images)
Getting hungry? (Getty Images)

Deliveroo has also shared some interesting insights into the UK's fussiness. The most popular requests from Brits this year have been, in their order, 'No onions please', 'No pickles please', 'Salt and vinegar please', 'No mushrooms please', and 'No coriander please'.

And some of the more unusual requests have included, 'Can I have five mayonnaise tubs and ketchup all over one small chips?', 'Don't ring the doorbell it's super loud!' and saving the best till last... 'Chilli sauce please lads. It's all been so good this week, thank you very much. Love you guys [with a heart emoji] will bring you some beers soon.'

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A case of avocados after being delivered. (Getty Images)
Many of us are choosing to order avocados and bananas rather than pop to the shops. (Getty Images)

It also seems our food habits vary depending where we live. Regional data has unearthed that Chippenham locals are the pickiest eaters with the most delivery requests, followed by the Welsh in Port Talbot and Bridgend.

London is the sauciest city, ordering the most sauce with orders, followed by Cambridge and Brighton, who all can't get enough of Katsu Curry Sauce, Chilli Oil, Ketchup, Milk Chocolate Sauce (for a dessert, we hope) and Garlic Mayo.

Brightonians are the biggest night owls in the UK with late deliveries, followed by Leicesterians and Londoners, while the city with the most weekend orders is unsurprisingly also the capital, followed by Cambridge and Reading.

Meanwhile, the most poorly cities are Leeds, Bournemouth and Colchester, ordering the most painkillers.

But back to the food – is your favourite on the top 30?

UK top 30 trending dishes 2022

  1. Burrito from Chipotle, London

  2. Pad Thai from Ting Thai Caravan, Edinburgh

  3. Cheeseburger from Five Guys, London

  4. Build Your Own Salad Bowl from atis, London

  5. Regular Fried Chicken Strips from Clucking Oinks, York

  6. The Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes, London

  7. Perfectly Ripe Avocados from Waitrose, London

  8. House Black Daal from Dishoom, London

  9. Original Frozen Yogurt from Snog, London

  10. Jerk Chicken and Chips from White Men Can't Jerk, London

  11. Margherita from VIP Very Italian Pizza, Brighton

  12. katsu curry (chicken) from Wagamama, London

  13. Choose Any 2 Meats with Rice from Three Uncles, London

  14. Burrito from FreshMex, Aberdeen

  15. ShackBurger from Shake Shack, London

  16. Build Your Poke Bowl from The Poke Shack, London

  17. Fairtrade Bananas x5 from Morrisons, Manchester

  18. Build Your Own Poke Bowl from Honi Poke, London

  19. Harissa Chicken from Farmer J, London

  20. Grilled Chicken Burrito from Tortilla, London

  21. The 'Carbonara of Dreams' from Pasta Evangelists, London

  22. Build Your Poke Bowl from Poke Shack, London

  23. Margherita from BONA Sourdough Pizza, London

  24. St. Peter's Burger (Cheeseburger) from The Meating Room, London

  25. Cheeseburger from Bleecker, London

  26. Tonkotsu Ramen from Tonkotsu, London

  27. Southern Fried from Chicken & Blues, Bournemouth

  28. Pita Yeeros Chicken from Meat the Greek - Guildford

  29. Double Pepperoni & Spicy Honey Pizza from Pizza Pilgrims, London

  30. Fried Rice with Egg 蛋炒饭 from Jin Jiang Chinese Restaurant, London

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