Top 10 Enrichment Classes for Toddlers in Singapore

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As a parent, you wish to see your child riding the wave of success in any field that he/she chooses. From medicine and science to art and sports, there’s no dearth of opportunities for your young toddler. But what can truly propel your child to excel in life is perhaps bespoke enrichment classes for toddlers.

Why You Must Consider Enrichment Classes For Toddlers

Your baby learns basic character traits, emotions and security when you two bond at home while playing, reading, taking a walk and so on. It’s a crucial and positive learning experience for your toddler. Now that the basic foundation is laid, what’s next?

To prepare your child for the future, you must ensure that he/she gets the right kind of coaching for all-round development. Apart from academics, enrichment programmes focus on individual child’s needs and interests.

From cooking and photography to music and entrepreneurship, enrichment classes for toddlers offer a host of hands-on activities for enhancing your child’s knowledge. From the numerous enrichment schools in Singapore, how do you know which one’s best for your tot? Fret not, we have you covered.

How to Choose the Best Enrichment Classes for Toddlers

With a wide range of enrichment classes for toddlers to choose from, you must know which one stands a class apart.

Here are a few things to consider when you’re looking for an enrichment class for your child:

  • Does the programme cater to your child’s interests

  • Does it follow your child’s pace

  • Is it a safe, conducive and hygienic learning environment

  • Does it offer active play activities

  • How is the accessibility from your home

  • Talk to the teachers and see if they meet your requirements

  • Attend a trial class with your child

  • What’s the class size and fees

Singapore’s Top Enrichment Classes for Toddlers

Finding the right enrichment classes for toddlers amongst options aplenty can be a daunting task. So here’s a list of the best enrichment programmes in Singapore based on the quality and activities offered:

1. Happy Train

enrichment classes for toddlers
enrichment classes for toddlers

With its holistic, bilingual brain-training programme, Happy Train focuses on developing strong neuron connections at an early age.

Their specially designed activities like photographic memory, pretend play, IQ development and high-speed flash cards ensure the development of high EQ, IQ, attention span, confidence, early reading, socio-emotional skills, enhanced creativity, and so on.

Music skills, math and language are also part of their programme. It’s definitely one of Singapore’s top enrichment classes for toddlers!


  • 3 months-6 years

  • Experienced teachers

  • 6 students per class

  • Trial class available

  • English and Mandarin languages

  • Experiential learning and excellent hands-on activities

  • Stimulating brain-training activities

  • Flexible timings

2. Abrakadoodle

enrichment classes for toddlers
enrichment classes for toddlers

You can let your child’s creativity find expression at Abrakadoodle. The sessions focus on ‘process art’ rather than the completed artwork, making it one of the most popular enrichment classes for toddlers.

The teachers guide your little Picasso as he/she brings original ideas on paper and undergoes self-discovery.

Special art classes, themed holiday art camps, art activity days, art parties and other events make Abrakadoodle one of Singapore’s best enrichment classes for toddlers.


  • 20 months onward

  • Parent-accompanied toddler classes

  • Focus on ‘process art’

  • 10-12 students per class, 1:8 teacher-student ratio

  • Voted as the ‘Best Art Class to Inspire Your Child’s Inner Picasso’

  • Encourages creative imagination, communication and invention

  • Trial class available

3. Coding Lab

enrichment classes for toddlers
enrichment classes for toddlers

Developing young minds for future leadership! Your little champs are sure to love the unique coding curriculum at Coding Lab, which allows kids to breathe life into their stories via coding. Sounds amazing right?

The Junior Coders Programme helps develop your child’s logical thinking and problem-solving abilities as they learn to program a robot’s movement, write a code for animation, use circuits to light up a piano, and so on.


  • 4-6 years

  • 1:6 teacher-student ratio

  • Inquiry-based learning

  • Award-winning coding programmes

  • Excellent teachers

  • Reasonably priced

  • Trial class/themed workshops available

4. Kavanagh Dance

enrichment classes for toddlers
enrichment classes for toddlers

One of the most established dance academies offering excellent enrichment classes for toddlers, Kavanagh Dance is for little dance-lovers.

With its Tiny Tots Theatrical programme, your child will learn the basics of movement, music and dance, while building self-confidence and self-exploration skills.

From ballet and tap to jazz and contemporary, let your baby discover his/her innate talent while dancing from the heart. It’s certainly one of the most popular enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore.


  • 2.5 years onward

  • A variety of dance classes in different genres – modern jazz, ballet, contemporary, tap and theatrical

  • Competitions and performances

  • 47 years of dance industry experience

  • Highly experienced dance teachers

5. Heguru Education Centre

enrichment classes for toddlers
enrichment classes for toddlers

Did you know that Japan’s popular Heguru method is the ultimate training method for the right brain development at an early age?

Heguru courses are specially designed for developing your child’s right brain, confidence, critical thinking skills, self-esteem, IQ and EQ. Students from the Heguru Education Centre achieve incredible things at a very young age.

Don’t you wish to see your little sunshine become a top Heguru student?


  • 6 months-12 years

  • Award-winning enrichment programme, voted as the ‘Best Right Brain Training Enrichment Programme’

  • Highly trained and certified teachers

  • More than 40 engaging activities, high-energy classes, special sound/light for effective stimulation

  • Right brain development builds creativity, long-term memory, strong analytical thinking, high attention span, visual imagination, high-speed processing ability, and much more

6. Aquatech Swimming

enrichment classes for toddlers
enrichment classes for toddlers

Is your kid passionate about swimming? Then look no further. With interactive programmes for teaching the fundamentals of swimming, Aquatech Swimming offers enrichment classes for toddlers like nowhere else.

Their athlete-centric approach helps develop important athletic skills and pushes young kids to ace the sport. It’s an excellent place for your toddler to learn the basic swimming skills and gain confidence to move to higher levels.


  • Holistic and safe environment

  • Fun, interactive and athlete-centric approach

  • Complete safety and supervision

  • Passionate and trained coaches

  • Helps develop motor skills, water confidence and social interaction

  • 1 hour session, once a week

7. Creative Hearts

enrichment classes for toddlers
enrichment classes for toddlers

One of the best enrichment classes for toddlers, Creative Hearts is for little creative talents. It offers a fun learning experience and focuses on introducing your tot to rhythm, tempo, pitch, dynamics, musical instruments and other basics via interactive stories, songs, movement activities, games, sense of touch and more.

Learning the basics at an early age paves way for budding talents to grow and reach their true artistic potential.


  • Programmes as per age group – Musical Tots (18-36 months), Musical Babies (6-18 months), Musical Kids (3-5 years)

  • Little Pianist programme (4-5 years), Broadway Club (4-5 years)

  • Offers parent-accompanied classes

  • Encourages parent-child bonding, develops confidence and self-expression

  • A variety of music programmes

  • Trial class available

Choose the best one among these top enrichment classes for toddlers and watch with glee as your kid unlocks his/her true potential. This handy list will surely help you find the most suitable enrichment programme for your little gem.

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