The Top Emojis Used By Gen Z, Millennials, And Boomers In Singapore, According To Facebook

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You can usually tell how old someone is by the memes they send, the abbreviations they use, and by the way they type. Now, even emoji usage has become a source of contention between generations, with Gen Z declaring that only "the olds" use this one: 😂

Ahead of World Emoji Day today (June 17), Facebook has released some fun stats on the types of emojis that Gen Z, Millennials, and Boomers in Singapore use on Facebook and Messenger, and well....the answers may surprise you.

😂(Millennials) versus 💀(Gen Z)

It turns out that Gen Z and Millennials use the same 3 emojis the most: 😂 🤣 and 😁

We can believe the ubiquity of 😂, but 😁??? And no skull emoji in sight? Colour us 😱

🙏🏻 👍 and ❤️ are Boomers' emojis of choice

No one who has ever received a "god mor ning!' e-greeting would be surprised by this. If our parents are anything to go by, Boomers are way more affectionate over 'What Apps' than they are in person.

Health-related emojis are on the rise

Before 2019, we barely knew that 😷💉and the germ emoji existed. And now they're everywhere, for obvious reasons.

Singaporeans and 🍆

While the eggplant emoji is hugely popular in neighbouring countries in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan, Singaporeans are more likely to use 🍄 or even 🍅 🥕 🥗 and the bok choy emoji than 🍆. Guess that explains our birth rate 💀

The next big thing

Looks like our love for BBT is going strong, since the newly-released bubble tea emoji has shot its way to the top of the new food and beverage emojis.


So that's it! And yeah, we know, young people are fleeing Facebook in droves, but if this survey has taught us anything, it's that Boomers have finally figured out how to enable the emoji keyboard, Gen Z and Millennials aren't so different after all, and that no one cares about Gen X.

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