Here Are the Top Cities for Cheap Fall Getaways, According to Hopper

In some cities, airfare has dropped 48 percent from summer prices.

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Oscar Wong/Getty Images

As the temperatures dip in the transition to fall from summer, airfare prices are also cooling down with deals available within the United States and around the world. 

Travel booking site Hopper recently shared its “Fall Shoulder Season Report,” providing insight into discounts as we head into fall. Domestic flights to New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Orlando all average under $200. Each city is seeing prices at least 24 percent lower than the same ticket over the summer.

For travelers looking for an international getaway, Paris has fall airfares averaging $684, which is a 41 percent discount from summer highs, and London has airfares averaging $677, which is a 35 percent discount from summer prices. This fall, Tokyo, Seoul, and Shanghai are also available options with airfares as much as 37 percent lower than the summer. 

In addition to travelers being able to save on airfare to Europe this fall, the report also spotlights how the overall experience may be more pleasant than the summer. 

“You’ll avoid all the crowds! Most Americans travel to Europe in peak summer, and most of Europe is on vacation in August,” Hopper’s Chief Economist Haley Berg shares in the report. “This means tourist destinations, beaches, restaurants and the like will be significantly less crowded during early fall as all of the other travelers head back to work and school.”

While the lower airfares will be a welcome relief to travelers, airlines are bracing for turbulence this fall, as jet fuel has been steadily increasing in price. According to CNBC, Delta, American, Spirit, Southwest, and Frontier have all revised their quarterly earnings guidance lower due to higher fuel costs which will impact their profitability. 

In addition to airfare, both hotel prices and rental car prices have decreased this fall, according to the report. For travelers seeking a road trip, car rental prices are averaging $40. Travelers looking for a fall getaway can view Travel + Leisure’s 16 Best Fall Vacations for Foliage Views

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