These Are the Top Bathroom Trends of 2023, According to Designers

For your next renovation, find inspiration in these five trends dominating the design scene.



When taking on a renovation, embracing timeless features is usually wise — there’s a reason why the kitchen from Something’s Gotta Give is a perennial favorite, 20 years after its release. Nevertheless, focusing too much on future-proofing your designs tends to backfire not too long after the dust has settled. Instead of enjoying a space that represents your tastes, you’re more likely to be left with something much too plain.

To strike a balance between classic and trendy, look no further than your bathroom. This is one area where you should try trends you love, since its big-ticket furnishings haven’t shifted much in generations. Designers Gina Gutierrez of Gina Rachelle Design and Amy Vroom of The Residency Bureau are discussing their favorite bathroom trends of 2023 below, which are sure to have staying power thanks to a baseline of natural materials and smile-inducing personality. Read on to get their take on the five biggest trends so far this year.

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Say So Long to Same Same

<p>Max Maloney for Gina Rochelle Design</p>

Max Maloney for Gina Rochelle Design

In discussions with homeowners looking to renovate, Vroom has noticed one trend amongst them all: They don’t want what she calls “same same.” They want to live in homes that are more daring than white walls and neutral details, and she’s seeing those risks play out in bathrooms, too. “They’re creating statement-making moments to bring them joy every day by using a mix of colors and interesting shapes,” she says. “It’s creating wow-factor bathrooms that reflect the individuals who live there.”

Gutierrez notes that while primary suites may stick to spa-like vibes, powder rooms and kids’ bathrooms have become places where people feel more comfortable to let loose. “We’re seeing a lot of color and pattern in these spaces,” she says.

Make Old New Again

<p>Miranda Estes Photography for The Residency Bureau</p>

Miranda Estes Photography for The Residency Bureau

Vroom and Gutierrez have both noticed that secondhand or vintage pieces are more prevalent in bathrooms, either as details like light fixtures and artwork, or as substantial furniture. “I’ve seen a salvaged sink in a powder room, and an early 1900s French counter converted into a vanity,” Vroom says.

As long as these finds can be retrofitted into a unique piece, there’s endless potential at every shop and estate sale you stop into. One idea? Look for wood furniture in particular, since Gutierrez says she’s definitely seeing a trend of them in bathrooms lately. “Homeowners are looking for organic and natural materials,” she says.

Stone and Tile for Wainscoting

As wood-furniture-as-vanities continue to capitalize on the moment, Gutierrez says that this material is being balanced by stone and tile wainscoting. “Beadboard and board-and-batten wainscoting will continue to inspire so many designs,” she says. “But my team and I are seeing wainscoting done with tile and stone more and more. This is a great way to add visual interest.”

Add Plenty of Texture

<p>Max Maloney for Gina Rochelle Design</p>

Max Maloney for Gina Rochelle Design

Gutierrez and Vroom are also on the same page when it comes to texture. “While we’re seeing a shift toward warmer and earthier tones, texture still plays an important role in designing an interesting bathroom,” Vroom says. “These are materials like concrete, terracotta, and zellige, which bring movement into big or small bathrooms.” For her part, Gutierrez has noticed texture in the form of items like fluted vanities and clay-covered walls. “It’s a great way to layer in a variety of design elements,” she adds.

Renovations Simply Mean Repurposing

While the bottom line is always important in a renovation, Vroom has noticed that repurposing pieces has become trendy, as a way to save on costs (but can also be great for the environment). “Updating a vanity’s countertop, painting cabinets, or adding wallpaper are a few of the ways I’ve seen people renew bathrooms on a budget,” she says. “Repurposing what you have can make a dramatic statement, and small changes can go a long way in creating an inspiring space.”

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