Top 6 signs that you're an over-possessive boyfriend

So you think you are a caring boyfriend? Think again. There is a thin line between being caring and between obsessively possessive.

Read on to know the 6 signs that categorize you as over-possessive:

1. You want to track her whereabouts all the time.

This is one of the most common signs, and probably that’s why it usually gets considered something very usual and harmless. You will find yourself wondering all the time where she is, why she hasn’t called you, what took her so long, and so on. Even if she is stepping out for a coffee, you want her to inform you. Before she feels being stalked by you, quit doing it.

2. You call her a dozen times in one day.

‘Hi Love, what’s up?’ how many times does she have to answer this question? As you intend to be very romantic, you text her throughout the day and apparently expect her to reply to each of your SMS. Even when you are with her, you make sure you read each and every SMS she gets from people other than you.

3. You have no friends except her.

Now you are stooping to the extent of emotionally blackmailing her. You attempt to make her feel that she is the all-important person in your life and everything in your life is about her. And why you do that? Because that’s what you want from her. You want yourself to be the focus of her life, her only friend!

4. You're wary of other guys around her for no reason at all.

‘He is not a co-worker, he is not in the same college, he is not even a neighbor, then how in the world does she know him?’ Do you find yourself asking yourself these questions whenever you see her with a guy? She is your girlfriend alright, but that doesn’t make her your slave. She might find it cute to see you jealous, but quite soon the ‘cute’ factor fades away when you overdo it.

5. You decide what she can wear and what she can't.

You loved to see her in those short skirts. You loved to ogle at those curves in her tight pants. But now that she is officially your girlfriend, she is no longer to flaunt her body or wear what she pleases!

6. You ask someone to spy on her.

Now that’s taking it a little too far. You actually ask your friend to keep an eye on your girlfriend and give you updates on who she is meeting with, where is she spending her day at, and what she was wearing.

Our tip: Get a hold of yourself and give your girlfriend some space! Your antics are already abusive.

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