Top 5 Taekwondo Classes For Children In Singapore

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Kids are inherently curious, active, and bursting with energy. Their high grasping power and quick-learning capacity make room for learning a variety of things at a very young age. With the right guidance, they can blossom and scale greater heights. And if you want your toddler to develop strength and discipline, then martial arts is the ideal option, especially Taekwondo.

A traditional Korean martial art form, it offers immense benefits for growing kids and adults, alike. It helps build confidence, self-esteem, focus, strength, balance, discipline, stamina, and a strong mind. All of this, irrespective of the child’s innate nature and physical appearance.

Through this martial arts form, your child can learn to socialise, respect others, handle failure, resolve conflicts peacefully, and have fun overall. Nothing beats this martial arts form when it comes to offering multiple benefits all in one class.

Good news is that there are many taekwondo classes in Singapore.

How to Choose the Best Taekwondo Class in Singapore

There are a number of good Taekwondo classes available for kids. However, for the best class in Singapore, you must look for things like the following:

  • Training offered

  • Instructors’ experience

  • Class size

  • Quality of teaching

  • Awards and recognition

  • Training for competitions

  • Trial class availability

  • Amenities/equipment provided

  • Class cost

You might also want to consider the age group in each class and proximity to your home/office. Now that you know what to look for, let’s help you with where to look.

Top 5 Taekwondo Classes in Singapore

It can be quite exhausting to find the best class from the rest. To help you out, we have listed out the top five classes in Singapore. These are based on the aforementioned factors.

1. J H Kim Taekwondo


An international martial arts form brand founded by Grandmaster Jae Hun Kim in 1974, this is one of the country’s largest martial arts academies.

Its intuitive, systematic teaching method, and variety of traditional programmes introduced by the great Grandmaster himself, make it an excellent institute for kids. With many awards in its name and excellent training quality, J H Kim Taekwondo truly stands up to its name as one of the top classes in Singapore.


  • A variety of programmes

  • An international brand with many global branches

  • Instructors are highly qualified athletes, Taekwondo competitors and champions

  • World’s largest martial arts media corporation, 2009 World School of the Year Award and top Taekwondo school in the world

  • Produced native black belts

  • Quality training, safety gears provided

2. Hyun Taekwondo Academy


Hyun Taekwondo Academy has a customised syllabus that conforms to the Korean Kukkiwon and Singapore Taekwondo Federation standards.

It trains kids systematically in all the elements of the martial art form, helping them grow from the white belt to black belt level and other higher levels.

With the founder – black belt Lim Hyun’s immense knowledge and experience, the academy has been instrumental in providing top quality training for both kids and adults.


  • A wide range of topics covered – basic movements, stretching, kicks, patterns, jump kicks, effective blocking, leadership skills and more

  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors

  • Quality training, safety gears provided

  • Clean/comfortable indoor training studios, smaller class size

  • Sparring lessons and self-defence training at no extra cost

  • Affordable fees payable daily/monthly

3. Korean Taekwondo Martial Art Academy (KTMA)


KTMA is one of the top classes in Singapore. It offers quality Taekwondo training and pattern classes to its students.

From kicking, punching and other self-defence techniques to confidence, respect and perseverance, the school grooms students in all the areas of life.

Watch your child tap into his/her full potential and transform into a well-groomed human being, with great values, core strength, confidence and competitive spirit.


  • Specialises in pattern classes, Taekwondo Sparring/Poomsae techniques, Taekwondo Self-Defence techniques and Taekwondo Demonstration techniques

  • Friendly, experienced and professional instructors

  • Taekwondo kids awarded at local and international levels

  • Training for competitions, sparring lessons

  • Excellent facilities, safety gears provided

  • Trial class offered

4. Kickmatics Taekwondo

Kickmatics Taekwondo
Kickmatics Taekwondo

What better than having your kids trained by national and international athletes with 13 years of experience!

Founded by Mr Jordan Tay – a former national Taekwondo athlete, Kickmatics focuses on strengthening the mind and body with the help of dynamic tension and cardiovascular workouts.

Your tot will learn self-discipline, respect, self-defence and self-confidence, and develop basic physical fitness in an interactive and fun learning environment.


  • Body and mind strengthening programmes with dynamic tension and cardiovascular workouts

  • Instructors – national and international athletes, with 13 years of experience and multiple awards

  • Safe and fully equipped training space

  • Trial class offered

5. Johan Taekwondo


One of the best classes in Singapore, Johan Taekwondo ensures that every child reaches his/her full potential with its quality training.

It teaches respect, discipline, focus, confidence and complete physical fitness through its specially designed games, drills and exercises.

Its qualified instructors train students professionally and with patience to transform them into highly capable taekwondo kids.


  • Covers kicks, sweeps, punches, Taegeuk forms, take-down skills, self-defence, sparring, competition training and more based on the child’s age

  • Instructors – highly qualified and experienced, with multiple championships

  • Pleasant learning environment

  • Trial sessions offered

  • Instructors speak English and native Korean languages

Is your child ready to be a taekwondo champ? Enrol your kid in one of these first-rate classes in Singapore and watch with pride as your little sunshine gains mastery over his/her mind and body.

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