Top 10 Most Highly Rated Preschools In North Singapore 2021

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Finding the perfect preschool is no mean feat. With so many of them spread across the length and breadth of Singapore, we know just how difficult it can be to choose one that can help jumpstart your child’s academic journey.

For parents who don’t know where to begin, we advise you to focus first on those near you. If you live within the North Region, here are the top 10 preschools in Singapore you can try.

These schools– listed alphabetically– have been rated by parents in the region on the basis of curriculum and performance, so we hope that it will help you make an informed decision.

Top 10 Preschools In North Singapore

  • Bucket House Preschool

Image source: Bucket House Preschool website

You’ll find a supportive and enriching learning environment at Bucket House Preschool. Here, they nurture children’s curiosity and motivate them to gain knowledge as well as express their creativity.

Students are encouraged to explore, as not all classes are always contained within four walls. This is why every corner of the school is designed to be the best natural setting for learning with floor to ceiling windows, as well as a garden of plants for an inspirational and functional environment.

The preschool follows a pedagogical approach developed by Amber Koh, with programmes that include a unique blend of pre-plan activities and active learning.

The Bucket House Way of learning offers what they call the IEIE, which is to Initiate, Explore, Inquire and Experiment. This bilingual immersion curriculum has Mandarin as its second language and is based on the Reggio Emilia Approach.

Contact: + 65 6909 8373 or email at

Location: 39 Woodlands Close, #01-62 MEGA@Woodlands Singapore 737856

  • Kiddiewinkie Schoolhouse

Image source: Facebook / Kiddiewinkie Schoolhouse

Next on our list of top 10 preschools in North Singapore is the Kiddiewinkie Schoolhouse. Here, children get to develop a love for learning through fun activities including games, puppetry, multimedia and sports.

Every area of their school is designed to intrigue students and encourage experiential as well as investigative learning.

This preschool is especially popular for balancing both play and school readiness in its curriculum. The Kiddiewinkie approach involves adopting an inquiry-based approach towards early childhood education, where they highlight three main principles: constructivism, ecological systems theory and neuroscience.

Contact: +65 3165 0224 or email at

Location: For locations, check here

  • LeClare Preschool

Image source: Facebook / LeClare Preschool

At LeClare Preschool, they acknowledge that every child has a different learning style and therefore, provide an environment where children can support as well as respect each other’s individual abilities.

Their low teacher-child ratio enables educators to better provide children with individual attention to help them become independent thinkers and inquisitive learners.

The LeClare curriculum centers around a holistic and integrated programme where children learn through play, hands-on experiences, and authentic learning activities.

The preschool adopts an Integrated-Inquiry approach to learning in both English and Mandarin.

Contact: +65 8669 6606 or email at

Location: Singapore Conference Hall 7 Shenton Way #01-02 Singapore 068810

  • Little Footprints Preschool

top 10 preschools in singapore
top 10 preschools in singapore

Image source: Facebook / Little Footprints Preschool

Have your child learn through play and active exploration at Little Footprints Preschool. Here, they offer a safe learning environment with interactive facilities to engage children.

With their centres annually involved in yearly projects such as Singapore Kindness Movement Project, World Water Day and Start Small Dream Big Project, children get to be more involved with their community.

To nurture a child’s love for learning, the preschool follows learning philosophies including Active Learning, Progressive Learning, an Integrated Approach for theme-based learning as well as Experiential Learning.

With their curriculum, they instil their core values of caring, confidence, respect, and reflection.

Contact: +65 3165 0224 or email at

Location: For locations, check here

  • Little Paddington Preschool

top 10 preschools in singapore
top 10 preschools in singapore

Image source: Facebook / Little Paddington Preschool and Infant Care – Tanglin Park

One of the top 10 preschools in Singapore, Little Paddington Preschool pushes its students to explore the world and allows them to struggle to develop self-confidence and learn.

Believing that every child is unique in their own way, the school offers a safe environment for holistic learning with loving guidance.

Designed by their in-house specialists, the preschool’s curriculum framework implements the best practices from the IPC Curriculum aligned with the Singapore Kindergarten Curriculum Framework (KCF).

Their approach is based on objective, inquiry, research, theme, creativity, and play.

Contact: +65 9720 7679 or email at

Location: For locations, check here

  • Maple Bear Preschool

Image source: Facebook / Maple Bear Singapore

Maple Bear Preschools are another popular pick for our top 10 preschools in North Singapore. They encourage kids to become curious, confident, independent, analytical, flexible, creative and prepared to become responsible adults in the future.

The preschool has been developed by Canadian and Singaporean early childhood education experts to provide the best practices from both countries.

The preschool follows the Canadian curriculum which is designed to achieve specific outcomes for literacy, maths and science.

It also heavily emphasises social and emotional development with the benefits of bilingual education and play-based learning.


Location: For locations, check here

  • MindChamps Preschool

top 10 preschools in singapore
top 10 preschools in singapore

Image source: Facebook / MindChamps Singapore

It is one of the top 10 preschools in Singapore, not only in the North but across the island. MindChamps Preschool teaches children to learn rather than just cram. Their 3-Mind Approach is especially popular as it highlights three distinct qualities: The Champion Mind, The Learning Mind, and The Creative Mind.

With the help of award-winning and world-leading experts, the preschool’s curriculum focuses on the four domains of: Education, Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre. With the use of the 3 Minds, children get to unlock their full potential.

Contact: +65 8233 4400 or email at

Location: For locations, check here

  • Star Learners Child Care

top 10 preschools in singapore
top 10 preschools in singapore

Image source: Facebook / Star Learners Child Care

With the most number of centres islandwide and an ECDA Appointed Partner Operator, it comes as no surprise that Star Learners Child Care is one of our top 10 preschools in North Singapore.

The preschool’s main vision is inspiring heroes and strengthening the values of integrity, passion, adaptability, respect, and teamwork.

The Starbeam Framework aims to illuminate children to become Heroes of Heart and Mind who are happy learners, empathic thinkers, respectful, confident communicators and open collaborators. The preschool also follows both literature-based and activity-based approaches.

Contact: +65 6250 0173 or email at

Location: For locations, check here

  • SuperGenius Preschool

top 10 preschools in singapore
top 10 preschools in singapore

Image source: Facebook / SuperGenius Preschool

As part of the Stalford Education Group, SuperGenius Preschool offers a meaningful and enriching learning environment that leads it to our top 10 list of preschools in North Singapore.

Working hand-in-hand with parents, the preschool offers research-based activities through multi-sensory experiences.

The SuperGenius Curriculum includes six trans-domain programmes including Wellbeing, Languages & Theatre, ArtScience, Environmental Sustainability, Emergent Experiences and SuperGenius Moves. Their approach is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach.

Contact: +65 6858 3233 / +65 6449 3233

Locations: 11 Bedok North Street 1 #01-01 Singapore 469662 / 681 Punggol Drive #05-01 Singapore 820681

  • Wharton Preschool

Image source: Facebook / Wharton Preschool Singapore

Last but not least on our top 10 preschools in the North Region of Singapore is Wharton Preschool. It offers an immersive bilingual preschool programme in both English and Mandarin.

The preschool accepts children aged between 18 months and 6 years. They also offer various enrichment programmes such as multi-sports and yoga.

The preschool adopts various Montessori methods which cover several topics including practical life, sensorial, linguistic and mathematical development. The Wharton methodology also has a literature-based approach and gives children the opportunity to work with their peers through group participation activities.

Contact: +65 6755 3218 or email at

Location: Wharton@Serangoon North Singapore, Singapore 554360


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