Top 10 Kid-Friendly Emergency Rooms And Hospitals In Singapore

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As parents, our utmost priority is our child’s health and safety. This means getting ready to immediately take action if ever something happens such as the usual fever or a playground accident. And while we obviously want the best for our kids, we also want to make sure we bring them to the best possible emergency room available. 

That’s why we’ve listed down 10 kid-friendly emergency rooms and hospitals around Singapore so you’ll know exactly which best hospital to take your child should such incidents happen.

Choosing The Best Hospital For Your Child

1. Changi General Hospital

best hospital for child
best hospital for child

Image Source: Facebook / Changi General Hospital (CGH)

If you’re from the East region, the closest and safest place to bring your child during emergencies would be at Changi General Hospital. The hospital’s Accident & Emergency Department operates for 24 hours so you can receive immediate care for your child at any time of the day the situation needs. Their A&E department has a multi-disciplinary trauma team to provide patients with one-stop quality care including pharmacists, medical social workers, nurses and more. Although do keep in mind that they treat the sickest patients first and that they do not prioritise by the time of arrival.   

Location: Changi General Hospital, 2 Simei Street 3, Singapore, 529889

Contact: +65 6850 1680

2. Gleneagles Hospital

best hospital for child
best hospital for child

Image Source: Facebook / Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore

You get treated quickly at Gleneagles Hospital’s Accident & Emergency department as they provide immediate medical attention for emergencies that are critical and life-threatening. Best for residents residing in the Central or West regions, you can get treatment with an average wait time of just 30 minutes for any time of the day as they are open 24 hours and 365 days a year. 

Location: Gleneagles Hospital, 6A Napier Road, Singapore, 258500

Contact: +65 6470 5688

3. Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

best hospital for child
best hospital for child

Image Source: Facebook / Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

You may get immediate care for your child at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, especially if you’re family is from around the North region. Their website has a handy A&E queue to let you know how long you need to wait before you get there.  You may also arrange for a clinic visit by following their guidelines online. 

Location: Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, 90 Yishun Central, Singapore, 768828

Contact: +65 6602 2574

4. KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

best hospital for child
best hospital for child

Image Source: Facebook / KK Women’s And Children’s Hospital

If you’re looking for services targeted directly for children, you may visit KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital where they have Children’s Emergency for initial treatment of acutely ill or injured infants and kids. Best for families from the Central, North and North East regions, you can ensure immediate service from their team of doctors and nurses that were trained in paedetric emergency medicine. 

Location: KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, 100 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, 229899

Contact: +65 6394 1177

5. Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Image Source: Facebook / Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Operating at 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, Mount Elizabeth Hospital can provide your family with immediate medical attention at their A&E department with an average waiting time of just half an hour. If you’re ever experiencing a critical and life-threatening emergency, their multidisciplinary medical specialists are ready to help. 

Location: Mount Elizabeth Hospital, 3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore, 228510

Contact: +65 6731 2218

6. Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Image Source: Facebook / Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital also provides immediate medical care for individuals experiencing conditions from abdominal pain to sprains and even minor traumas. If your family is from the Central, North or North-East regions, you may seek effective and efficient care from their A&E department. 

Location: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, 38 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore, 329563

Contact: +65 6933 0100

7. National University Hospital

Image Source: Facebook / National University Hospital – NUH

The Children’s Emergency at National University Hospital can provide kids from the West region with seamless comprehensive medical care. With such a kid-friendly atmosphere, their Children’s Emergency Department has kid-friendly amenities and cheery decorations as well as murals. As you wait for results or if you’re under observation, paediatric patients may engage themselves with some fun games and educational applications through their interactive devices. 

Location: National University Hospital, 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore, 119074

Contact: +65 6772 2555

8. Parkway East Hospital

Image Source: Facebook / Parkway East Hospital

If your family is experiencing any health conditions such as fever, sore eyes, hives or more, you may seek immediate care from Parkway East Hospital. Their A&E 24-hour clinic is conveniently located on the east of Singapore so if you reside around the area, you may get personalised, quality healthcare from their team of doctors and healthcare professionals. 

Location: Parkway East Hospital, 321 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore, 427990

Contact: +65 6340 8666

9. Singapore General Hospital

Image Source: Facebook / Singapore General Hospital

Since Singapore General Hospital does not have facilities for children below 12 years old, you may want to bring your older kids to their Emergency Care instead. They do have an efficient A&E department and you may be treated earlier if your condition is at their Priority 1 level. Although do keep in mind that each patient is only allowed one companion. 

Location: Singapore General Hospital, Outram Road, Singapore, 169608

Contact: +65 6321 4311

10. Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Image Source: Facebook / Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH)

Best for families from the Central and North East regions, Tan Tock Seng Hospital has 24-hour emergency services including trauma care, observational medicine, disaster medicine, toxicology and pre-hospital emergency care. You can count on their team to provide immediate care for your child during unexpected occurrences.

Location: Tan Tock Seng Hospital, 11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, Singapore, 308433

Contact: +65 6357 8866


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