Top 10 (inexcusable) excuses not to exercise

Don’t exercise? Have a brilliant excuse for it? Well, not for long! We’re here to shoot down every possible excuse you might have so you can get moving.

Top 10 (inexcusable) excuses not to exercise
Top 10 (inexcusable) excuses not to exercise

Find a park and start walking!

If there’s one thing we human beings are good at, it’s at making excuses. From why we didn’t do our homework when we were children, to why we don’t exercise now that we’re adults – our minds just grow more and more inventive as time goes on.

If you have an excuse not to exercise, we have a counter argument for you. So whatever your reason is, bring it on!

Top 10 (inexcusable) excuses not to exercise

1. I don’t have the time

That’s simply not true. If you have time to watch your favourite soap on TV, then you have the time to exercise. It’s simply a matter of prioritising and organising.

Make your health a priority and sit down and organise your week. With a little shuffling and juggling, you’ll find that it’s easy enough to take 30 minutes out everyday to exercise.

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2. I have kids. I really don’t have time to exercise

We understand that being a parent is a full-time job. It’s also a job that requires you to be physically and mentally healthy, which is why exercise becomes all the more important. The best way to exercise with kids is to include them in your workout. Take them to the park with you or do a fun dance with them at home.

If the above doesn’t work, take time to work out while they’re school or wake up early to exercise. If you make it a priority, you’ll be able to make time for it.

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3. I’m not a morning person

That’s OK, you can exercise any time of the day provided you do it in a safe manner. Keep a gap between your meal and your workout and don’t exercise too close to your night sleep time. Other than that, be it morning or evening, just put on the right gear and go forth and exercise.

4. I’m thin. I don’t need exercise

A few years ago, scientists came out with a concept called TOFI (Thin Outside, Fat Inside). This is a phenomenon that affects a lot of slim people who don’t exercise. So while they have no extra weight on the outside, scans show a lot of fat accumulated around their organs – which can also be dangerous.

Besides, exercise has many benefits besides weight loss. It helps to ward off diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension; it is a great mental stimulant; it helps keep you toned and fit and improves your sex life as well. Remember, the aim should be fitness, not just slimness.

5. I don’t have a good gym close by/I can’t afford a gym/I’m no good at sports

If you can walk, you can exercise. You don’t need to be a member of a fancy gym or be an expert basketball player or be able to do headstands to exercise. The easiest exercise is walking. It also happens to be one of the most effective workouts out there, so quit your excuses and get walking!

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6. I HATE exercising

If you did a survey, you’d probably find that a lot of people don’t necessarily love to exercise. After all, most of us would rather stay in bed that extra hour in the morning than be sweating it out in the park.

However, exercise is important. And one way to make it more enjoyable is by doing it with a friend or joining a group class. Also, exercise needn’t just be limited to running on a treadmill or lifting weights. Try something gentler like Pilates or yoga and you’ll eventually find something you actually enjoy.

7. It has no effect on me

Somebody once said that diet and exercise are like the two wings of a plane. If one is not functioning, the plane can’t take off.

In other words, if you’re trying to lose weight you have to exercise and eat healthy. You can’t come back from your workout and gorge on two samosas and a cold coffee with ice cream and expect to lose weight. With a little discipline, your workout will soon start showing results.

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8. My back hurts and other medical issues

Back pain is often a result of a weak core. And strengthening your core is a great way of alleviating the pain.

If you have specific medical issues, it needn’t mean the end of exercise for you. Speak to a doctor or qualified trainer and figure out an exercise routine that’s tailored specially around your concerns. You might find that the exercise actually helps reduce all those aches and pains.

9. It’s so boring

Walking on the treadmill and never getting anywhere may be boring. But have you tried playing a sport? Or checked out a dance-based exercise routine? The best way to kill the boredom is to work out with a buddy. Ask your partner or best friend to join you and make exercise fun!

10. I’ve never exercised before

That’s no excuse at all. It’s never too late to exercise. Start today and reap the health benefits in the years to come.

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