Too Hot To Handle fans are making one comparison about Kayla

too hot to handle fans are making one comparison about kayla
Too Hot To Handle fans say one thing about KaylaNetflix

Too Hot To Handle is back for season four, which means a whole batch of new contestants are saying 'hello, Lana!' and 'goodbye, sex!' as they enter the villa. After taking in the first few episodes, fans can't help comparing newbie Kayla Richart to a specific contestant from years gone by: Georgia Hassarati.

After the 22-year-old model from LA, USA, was revealed in the line up, Netflix released a description of her which read, "You know that best friend you have that everyone fancies? Your brother… your cousin… all your friends - chances are they’d definitely shoot their shot with Kayla too!

"Beyond beautiful inside and out, she’s never short of attention and will have no issue treading on toes if she fancies someone. Kayla will feel like a kid in a candy store when she enters the retreat, but Lana will be desperate to show her the error of her ways."

too hot to handle fans are making one comparison about kayla

Since being in the villa, it's safe to say Kayla has made quite the impression, with the likes of Seb and Nigel trying to shoot their shot with her. Which, as fans have pointed out, is not dissimilar to what happened with Georgia in season three.

"Kayla of season 4 Too Hot To Handle is Georgia Hasarrati 2.0," one person said, while another put, "Watching the new season of Too Hot To Handle and I guess Kayla is going to be the “Georgia” of this season lmao."

Someone else added, "Kayla is the new Georgia on Too Hot To Handle."

We can kind of see the resemblance.

Too Hot To Handle season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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