Tony Hung said to be unhappy with Rebecca Zhu's interview

21 Jan – Rumour has it that things are not well between Tony Hung and his previous "Wonder Women" co-star Rebecca Zhu.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the supposed conflict between the two sparked since the said drama was first aired on television, after Rebecca told the media in several interviews that she was uncomfortable with Tony's tendency to ad lib their intimate scenes.

In one interview, the actress shared that Tony would kiss her even when there was no such action required of him in the original script, and could not accept his excuse that it was to make the relationship look more realistic to viewers.

In another interview with a radio station that she attended with Tony, Rebecca stated that she was worried that the actor would prolong their kissing scenes, that even the producer Chan Bo Wah also had to order him to stop. Tony gave no response in defense of himself at the time, saying that it would only worsen the situation.

However, according to sources, the actor allegedly has been very unhappy with Rebecca in private, and was reportedly telling his close pals that the actress' "big mouth" has not only damaged his image but the friendship between them.

As for all the rumours, Tony told the media recently that he will not give any response about it.