Tom Holland has to drink through his eye when he is in his Spider-Man costume

Gregory Wakeman
Tom Holland drinking in his Spider-Man costume is terrifying

Being Spider-Man is a dream job for Tom Holland. Not only is he a vital member of The Avengers, but he gets to swing in and save lives, cracking quips as he does so, all while being beloved by the thousands of comic and Marvel fans.

However, there is one downside to playing the part of Spider-Man. Being in the costume. In fact, it is so uncomfortable that Peter Parker even makes a joke about the tightness of one of his new outfits in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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This issue really comes to ahead during production, though, as Holland has to stay in costume for hours on end when filming. That makes staying hydrated a problem. It turns out that the creative team behind Spider-Man: Far From Home solved this by giving Holland a very long straw that went all the way from his drink of choice, through the eye socket on his costume, to his mouth.

Words don’t really do it justice, though. In fact, the below image, which was provided by director Jon Watts, of Tom Holland drinking in his Spider-Man costume is so creepy that it probably belongs in a horror film.

But while there are clearly still some issues with the Spider-Man costume, there has been progress. Holland recently told the Graham Norton Show that the outfit he wore in Far From Home was a step-up from the one in Homecoming because it finally had a “zipper.”

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“I like it now, mainly because I can go to the loo. This is the fifth movie and finally I have a zipper.”

Holland has to wear a variety of Spider-Man costumes in Far From Home, each of which you’ll be able to appreciate when it is released on July 2.