Tom Hiddleston: Boring Boo or Sustainable Fashion Hero?

Hiddleston in his Nike running kit. (Photos: Splash; Graphic: Quinn Lemmers for Yahoo Style)
Hiddleston in his Nike running kit. (Photos: Splash; Graphic: Quinn Lemmers for Yahoo Style)

If you’d asked me a month ago how I’d describe Tom Hiddleston’s style, I probably would’ve replied, “Who?” And then, “Oh, wait. Is he a British actor?”

But as the power couple known collectively as Hiddleswift has taken hold of my fantasies and Facebook feed, that’s obviously no longer the case. I can now tell you, confidently, that Thomas William Hiddleston’s “style” consists of exactly two outfits (that is, when he isn’t on the red carpet or in a film): one for running outdoors and one for doing errands or chillin’ with the love of his life, Taylor Swift.

The former is a simple, all-black Nike ensemble: a black tee, black gym shorts, black socks, and black sneakers. It’s what you might expect either a New Yorker or the member of a stage crew to wear while working out. The latter, while a bit more varied, remains equally monotonous: a quilted, navy blue jacket (Ralph Lauren), a solid colored tee or polo, dark rinse jeans, and gray suede lace-up shoes.

Outfit No. 2. He never goes out of style — or does he? (Photos: Splash; Graphic: Quinn Lemmers for Yahoo Style)
Outfit No. 2. He never goes out of style — or does he? (Photos: Splash; Graphic: Quinn Lemmers for Yahoo Style)

That’s it. He wears NOTHING ELSE. His girl goes about wearing new cute outfits every single day, while her partner’s wardrobe remains remarkably unchanged. And the Hiddleswifters have begun to take notice:

The situation has become so severe that an account called @HiddlesFashion (<3 2016 <3) wrote up a long Instagram caption detailing the history of Hiddleston’s coat:

“For real I am so tired of hearing people (media) continuously talking about Tom Hiddleston’s jacket,” the fan shared. “He should be applauded for using sustainable fashion; not mocked because he doesn’t feel the need to put on a fashion show every day.” OK, got that one settled: Tom Hiddleston is a sustainable fashion pioneer!!

But what about the black Nike workout gear, which hiddlesfashion refers to as “his @nike contract audition?” Yes, it could be a matter of his being an extremely light packer. But could it also be Hiddleston’s attempt at boring the paparazzi into submission? I have no idea how hounded he was for photos prior to his Swift romance, but photographers have certainly been after him since mid-June.

There’s also the possibility (though it seems less likely as the day go on) that the entire Hiddleswift union is part of an elaborate production on Swift’s part to promote an upcoming album — in which case, Hiddleston’s many outfit repeats are due to the project’s wardrobe guidelines, including reshoots, etc. I mean, maybe Nike and Ralph Lauren are sponsors?! Stranger things have happened.

But whatever the reason for Hiddleston’s stagnant sartorialisms … we truly hope he’s got a regular laundry schedule to go along with it.

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