Tom Hiddleston Stars In First High-Rise Teaser

‘High-Rise’ gets its first teaser… as Tom Hiddleston promotes the apartment of your dreams.

After appearing at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this year, Ben Wheatley’s ‘High-Rise’ has finally found a studio, snapped up by Magnolia Pictures, as part of its niche distribution arm, Magnet Releasing.

And now the first teaser gives us a glimpse at the odd world of ‘High-Rise’.

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This rather mysterious, 81-second video teaser doesn’t actually mention the movie at all, instead promoting the fictional company, Anthony Royal Architecture – the company behind the titular London apartment complex.

But while Tom Hiddleston’s narration might prompt you to think about purchasing the apartment of your dreams, you might want to think again – unless violent dystoptian society is your thing.

Based on the 1975 novel ‘High-Rise’ by J. G. Ballard, the film stars Tom Hiddleston as Dr Robert Laing – a young doctor who is seduced by the lavish lifestyle of high-rise apartment living… but it comes with a catch.

Forced to live in isolation from the rest of society, the High-Rise residents soon find that class culture has taken a harsh turn, with various classes of people assigned to different floors of the building.

Jeremy Irons co-stars as the mysterious architect, Anthony Royal with Luke Evans as a documentary film-maker who seeks to deconstruct the building’s inherent class system. Sienna Miller stars as the architect’s personal aide.

But when the isolated society breaks down into groups of vicious tribes, can any of them escape the High-Rise?

Considered an unfilmable story by many, the movie has so far received some rather harsh reviews, with The Hollywood Reporter branding it an “ambitious, brilliant failure”.

But will audiences come around to this ambitious thriller? For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

‘High-Rise’ heads to cinemas on 18 March 2016.

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Picture Credit: Magnolia Pictures