Tom Hardy EXCLUSIVE: ‘Ronnie Kray Would Have Been A Nightmare To Hang Out With’

It was a bold move, that of director Brian Helgeland’s, to cast the same actor - Tom Hardy - in the parts of both Kray twins for the upcoming gangster biopic Legend.

Tom Hardy is no stranger to tricky roles, though, having taken on dystopian future heroes, sharp super villains, down-and-out boxers and just about everything in between.


But just how difficult was it to go deep into the mindsets of the Krays?

Both Ronnie and Reggie Kray share a pathological lust for violence, but when it comes to similarities, that’s where it ends.

For all intents and purposes, Reggie seems to be your typical “thug with a heart”, but Ronnie Kray, on the other hand, is stiffly brutal, pumped full of anti-psychotics and there’s an interesting flavour to his preferred brand of homosexuality.

We spoke to Tom Hardy this week, to find out whether it messed with his mind to get into the characters of both Kray twins.

Watch as he describes how he and director Brian plotted out the two roles and discover which of the brothers he’d prefer to hang out with in real life!

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Legend is out in cinemas across the UK on Wednesday September 9.