Tom Hardy and Andy Serkis are really bonding on 'Venom 2'

Gregory Wakeman
Andy Serkis and Tom Hardy are having a great time on Venom 2

It was a bit of a surprise when Andy Serkis was confirmed as the director of Venom 2 earlier this year.

While Serkis is widely regarded as one of the finest actors of recent years, particularly because of his motion capture work in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, The Hobbit, and the Planet Of The Apes franchise, as a director he has only overseen the independent movie Breathe and Netflix’s rather underwhelming Mowgli: Legend Of The Jungle. 

Unsurprisingly, producer Matt Tolmach only has great things to say about Serkis’ work on Venom 2, telling that he is a “great director,” while also insisting that his past roles have not only allowed him to understand the titular character on a deeper level, but also to really bond with its leading star Tom Hardy, too. 

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“He's played inside monsters and he sort of understands character from inside. It's been wild to watch him with Hardy, because they speak that language that only actors understand - particularly, people like Tom Hardy, and what it's like to be in this other character from another realm.”

Actors Andy Serkis (L) and Tom Hardy attend the pre-party for the English National Ballet's 'The Nutcracker', 2010. (Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

“He's like a mystical figure, Andy Serkis, and when he's around people you feel his presence. He was having Tom do really well, and so we got to know him, actually, through Tom. He's going to be special. It's a really great connection.”

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Production on Venom 2 is actually only a few weeks old, so we don’t have too much information on the blockbuster.

It has already been confirmed, though, that Woody Harrelson’s Carnage, who debuted at the end of the original, will go toe-to-toe with Hardy’s Venom, while Michelle Williams and Reid Scott will reprise their characters. 

We’ll get to see what magic Serkis and Hardy can actually create on Venom 2 when it is finally released on 2 October, 2020.