Tom Hanks (Randomly) Answers Reddit User Questions

Tom Hanks in his upcoming drama ‘Bridge of Spies’ (Photo: Jaap Buitendijk/DreamWorks)

When not filming Oscar-bait movies, Tom Hanks likes to spend his spare time roaming Reddit’s Internet bulletins. At least that was the case on Tuesday when Hanks commented on about a dozen threads. The general discussion topics, posed to all users on the site, ranged from the recent discovery of water on Mars to his biggest fear.

The way we know Hanks was really giving the answers?  They come from the same handle — Tom_Hanks_ — that he used more than a year ago when he hosted an official AMA (Ask Me Anything) fan forum on Reddit while promoting the biographical drama Captain Phillips. (And yes, it’s somewhat unusual for famous people to go on Reddit outside the confines of an AMA thread.)

Here are five things we learned about 59-year-old actor:

1. There’s a song he can’t shake.
His favorite TV theme song is on Season 1 of HBO’s True Detective — The Handsome Family’s “Far From Any Road” (selected by the show’s music supervisor T Bone Burnett). “I can’t get it out of my soul!” he wrote.

2. He loathes reality TV.
Hanks listed the television genre as “the biggest scam,” then listed it again as something he predicts will be gone in 10 years, adding “please” to his answer.

3. He seeks aliens.
When ShibaHook asked what the most underwhelming Mars discovery could be, Hanks answered: “No one there!”

4. He fears aliens, well, Alien.
“The eggs open, and there is something squirming around in there. I have never allowed myself to see what happens next.”

5. He’s happy to disclose movie magic secrets.
PastaAndWine asked Reddit readers to explain a little known fact about their job. Hanks answered, explaining the widespread use of ADR (Additional Dialogue Replacement) in movies: “You must take the time to pace out the line, match the pitch of your voice and recreate the emotion of the scene, all this months after the fact. A single line can take 2 hours to get right. For me, I have to put in about 3 days of ADR/Looping on every movie.”