Tom Hanks Prepares for Top-Secret Mission in 'Bridge of Spies' Scene (Exclusive)

Attorney James B. Donovan, played by Tom Hanks in Bridge of Spies, believes in following the law down to its finest details. But when it comes to being truthful with his wife, played by Amy Ryan, he decides to bend the rules.

In this exclusive clip from Steven Spielberg’s forthcoming spy thriller, in theaters Friday, Donavan hurriedly packs his bags as he tells his wife he’s leaving on a “fishing expedition.” She clearly senses something is amiss and wants reassurances that he won’t be in danger.

When it came to filming the scene, Hanks indicated (in an interview provided by Disney) that it was planned out, shot for shot, ahead of time. “Steven [Spielberg] thinks in cinematic terms,” the two-time Oscar-winning actor said of his frequent collaborator. “That’s different from other directors. … He’s got the film cut in his brain long before we even show up.” Another fun Spielberg fact: Hanks claims the director reads each script “thousands of times.”