Tom Ford 'quite torn' over eco-friendly fashion

Tom Ford

Tom Ford has admitted he's "quite torn" about changing his designs and materials to become sustainable.

In a new interview with his friend Livia Firth for Vogue Arabia, the designer discussed the cruelty-free fashion movement and the ways in which his fellow designers such as Stella McCartney are championing vegan-friendly products.

Ford was asked by eco-activist Firth about how he's making his luxury clothes sustainable, and he opened up on his struggle to combine his chic ideas with alternative materials.

"I'm quite torn. I'm torn over natural leather and fur versus fake, because fake fur takes thousands of years to biodegrade whereas fur biodegrades in six months," he explained, adding that he also still uses polyester, which is produced using harmful chemicals and high emissions. "If you're using real fur then there's the cruelty to animals, which is horrible, but you could also use fur that is a food by-product. But then, of course, you're polluting the planet because of the methane from the cattle. So, what is the best solution?"

While the 58-year-old did reveal he has changed the finishing lacquers used on his collections and is cutting down on packaging, he also confessed that he isn't addressing the problems fast fashion is creating, despite serving as chairman of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

"For me, with the kind of customer I have, fashion has not changed. I'm still making jackets in the way they would've been made 75 years ago and I'm doing the same with evening dresses," Ford stated. "I don't address a lot of the problems that fast fashion certainly has to address or be held accountable for. In my niche of an industry it has not changed, except the packaging."

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