Tom Ford: 'Fashion makes people feel better'

Tom Ford

Tom Ford believes fashion can make anyone feel better.

The designer and director discussed the power of having a good wardrobe during an interview with his close friend and eco-activist Livia Firth for Vogue Arabia and said that feeling beautiful can even help those with depression.

"For me, beauty is a way of feeling that everything will be OK. Like a shield," Ford explained. "When you feel depressed, you get dressed up and it makes you feel better. I think that beautiful things are a way to make you dream in a way that films do. It transports you."

He went on to add that he was heavily influenced by his mother and grandmother while growing up and shared his longing for the days when people held onto things and treasured expensive items.

"My grandmother enhanced my childhood dramatically. Even if I just think about her, the smell of her, the look of her, her voice... I feel happy. You know she didn’t throw things away, or have the same disposable culture that people do now," he said, noting that he never once saw his grandmother without her make-up.

"It was a different period and I don’t know that it’s still modern by today’s standards. My mother always has her hair done... As a child it certainly seemed magical."

Elsewhere in the interview, he shared what he wants to achieve as chairman of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), such as continuing to explore his passion of supporting young and upcoming designers in the industry through the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.

"For me, the number one focus should be to support students and young emerging designers on a global scale," he stated, before announcing that there will now be an additional CFDA award for sustainability.

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