Tom Ford: 'My clothes are sustainable because nobody throws them away'

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is adamant his clothes are sustainable because the prices mean nobody throws them away.

The award-winning designer and filmmaker discussed the rising environmental problem of fast fashion with his muse, actress Julianne Moore, during an interview at the Vogue's Forces of Fashion conference in New York on Thursday.

While the Oscar-winner said that she has promised to stop shopping for at least a year in an effort to combat the excessive consumption in the industry, Ford insisted he will carry on designing, as his clothes are timeless and not meant to be discarded.

"I received an award a few years ago in Milan from a foundation that Livia Firth is involved in, which is about sustainability in fashion, because my clothes are so expensive people don't throw them away. They auction them or sell them - that was kind of a joke," the 58-year-old laughed.

The Council of Fashion Designers' chairman, who previously served as the creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, said he creates quality pieces for his menswear and womenswear collections so they can be passed down from generation to generation.

"First of all, everything I make is made in Italy. The workers are incredibly well cared for, taken care of, well paid... and the clothes are really not meant to be thrown away," he explained to Moore. "They are expensive but the workmanship demands it. They are not artificially expensive; it's how much it costs to put 35 hours of hand workmanship into a jacket.

"They are meant to be handed down, be sold - they are not meant to be thrown away."

Elsewhere in the interview, the designer revealed that he hates social media, and took aim at Instagram in particular.

"I am exhausted by Instagram, personally," Moore said, to which Ford scathingly added: "Instagram leaves you feeling ugly, fat, inadequate, dull, pathetic, friendless, sad and makes you want to just jump off a building."

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