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Interview with the Vampire – Lestat de Lioncourt (1994)

It’s one of his most iconic roles – Tom Cruise played the vampire Lestat in ‘Interview with the Vampire’. Responsible for turning the title character into a vampire, it’s revealed that Lestat isn’t quite the mentor he hoped for… and revels in the murder of humans to stay alive. He’s a brutal and fierce killer. But is he really that bad for a vampire? Either way, he’s the main antagonist of the movie, and he can’t help rearing his head at the end, presumably to mess with Louis once more.

Tom Cruise’s most underappreciated villainous roles

Ryan Leston
UK Movies Writer

Tom Cruise is known for his squeaky-clean image.

But some of his most interesting roles see him becoming a bad buy.

He’s renowned for his action-packed antics and revered as Hollywood’s favourite leading man… but Tom Cruise is way more than that. Whether it’s donning a bald cap for ‘Tropic Thunder’ or looking a bit peaky in ‘Interview with the Vampire’, the 55-year-old star does some of his best work when he’s really, really bad.

But what are his best villainous roles?

We take a look back at Tom Cruise’s most underappreciated villainous roles… and we can’t help thinking he should do a lot more of these.

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