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November 3, 2023

For our final CNN 10 episode of the week, we start with a look at college campuses where tensions are high as students weigh in on the Israel-Hamas war. Then, an explanation of Daylight Saving Time ahead of this weekend’s clock change. Finally, we visit Scotland where a monstrous mystery lurks and lingers.


1.) The war between Israel and Hamas ramped up this week with what type of invasion by Israeli forces?

2.) When we say ‘hunter’s moon’ what type of moon are we also referring to?

3.) A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the shadow of the earth or the shadow of the sun?

4.) According to scientists a short nap can have benefits for the brain. What’s the longest you should nap for during the day to gain these benefits without feeling groggy?

5.) Employees returned to work for which giant automaker last week?

6.) While many Kenyans welcome the visit from King Charles III, others don’t. What is one of the things these opposing residents want the King to do in relation to its colonial rule of the country?

7.) Venezuela has the largest reserves in the world of what natural substance?

8.) Last week, President Biden addressed concerns over artificial intelligence by signing what type of order?

9.) NASA’s Lucy mission reached a target called ‘Dinkinesh.’ What is Dinkinesh?

10.) In Thursday’s episode we talked about a recent survey on holiday shopping. Did responders say they expect to receive half, the same or double the amount in gifts as they got last year?

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