Toby Chan: I am not the third party!

12 Jun – After admitting that she is now dating wealthy businessman Benny Yeung, Hong Kong actress Toby Chan recently denied rumours that she was actually the third party that caused Benny's breakup with his former girlfriend, actress Ruby Lau.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who spoke to the media at the celebratory party for the cast and crew of "Deep in the Realm of Conscience", stressed that she had nothing to do with Benny and Ruby's breakup, and denied that she didn't end her rumoured relationship with lawyer Warren Tong before starting her new relationship.

"In the last relationship I had, we were together for two years. I don't know why people accused me of being a gold-digger. I know a lot of people from different sectors," she said.

Toby also stressed that she didn't know about Ruby before she and Benny started dating.

"My boyfriend only told me that they have broken up, and I trust him. You need to have trust when you are in a relationship," she said.

The actress added that she is currently very happy in her relationship.

(Photo Source: Toby Chan Instagram)