TK Maxx shopper discovers Primark jeans marked up at three times the original price

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Richard Foster found a £15 pair of Primark jeans selling for double. [Photo: Getty/Facebook]

A TK Maxx shopper discovered a pair of Primark jeans selling for three times their original price.

Richard J. Foster took to Facebook in outrage after finding the jeans, from Primark jeans line Denim Co., priced at £29.99.

A label attached to the men’s skinny jeans said they were discounted from a so-called original price of £85.00 – despite an equivalent pair selling for just £10 on the Primark website.

Foster shared the picture in the ‘TK Maxx Gallery of Horrors’ Facebook group, where members weighed in on the bizarre labelling.

A pair of men’s skinny jeans retails for just £10 on the Primark website. [Photo: Primark]

One person suggested it was the work of shoplifters, writing: “This must be a dodgy return someone has gotten away with. Well here’s hoping… Kimble guns and security magnets are easy to get hold of online after all.”

Another person suggested: “Someone has gone into the changing room to do the switch and put the tag on the ones they came in with and walked out wearing the expensive ones.”

However, a former TK Maxx worker explained that the retailer did in fact stock Primark clothes – although they did not address the price mark-up.

They wrote: “We used to get Primark brand names ALL THE TIME, it’s not a shady return. ‘I literally did deliveries and put out fresh stock of Primark brands!”

TK Maxx has not yet responded to Yahoo UK‘s request for comment.

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