Titan-sized Attack On Titan manga is world's largest comic book

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The Attack On Titan manga has been running since 2009 and will come to an end this April. As part of their effort to boost the climax of the popular manga, publisher Kodansha will be printing a ginormous Attack On Titan manga — a limited 100 copies only, to be precise.

Attack On Titan is one of the more sensational manga in recent times. Apart from being adapted into an anime series which is currently still ongoing, it has also been made into video games and live-action movies which starred the late Haruma Miura. The story depicts a dystopian world dominated by man-eating giants known as Titans.

Ginormous Attack On Titan manga:
Ginormous Attack On Titan manga: "It's the Titan!"

The colossal comic book includes the first two chapters of the Attack On Titan manga, scaled to fit the humongous hands of a Titan. It weighs a whopping 13.7 kilograms, and measures 101 centimetres in length and 71.5 centimetres in width with the manga cover in place, leading to a surface area of 7,221.5 square centimetres.

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This makes it larger than the current Guinness World Records holder for largest comic book, which covers a surface area of 6,976.02 square centimetres. However, the giant Attack On Titan manga will only be certified as a new record holder after all 100 copies are sold out.

Despite each copy selling at an insane price of 150,000 yen (about S$1,860) — about 300 times the price of a regular manga — the hardcore fans of Attack On Titans still managed to swiftly clear out all the stock in pre-orders. But this also means that we should see a new Guinness World Record for largest comic book in time to come.

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