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The kitchen

A minimalist interior style was set up in this old flat. With a checkerboard pattern stretching across the floor, a pleasant bit of contrast is achieved that makes the rest of the room’s subtle style seem more elegant. 

The round arch in the background might have been a doorway once upon a time, but now it’s been filled up and transformed into a stylish niche for storage- and display purposes. The original floor plan was elegantly integrated into the contemporary ambience of the kitchen.

Credits: homify / raumdeuter GbR

​Tips to modernise old apartments

It is a recurring theme throughout Europe: old structures that enjoy immense popularity due to their exquisite architecture, yet need a little bit of guidance in terms of modern-day style. The design traditions of classicism and art nouveau, which are reflected in the façades of these buildings, are also mirrored in the interior spaces. Considering the fact that the real-estate world of the olden days was quite simple, it’s no wonder that a lot of old buildings have peculiar layouts, thin walls and bad insulation. That’s why we bring you these design tips to help you make the most of an old building’s potential.

See for yourself how our experts use modern concepts to underline the traditional architecture of old buildings.