Tips to keep lights and fans clean at your home

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Tips to keep lights and fans clean at your home
Tips to keep lights and fans clean at your home

30 Sep 2021: Tips to keep lights and fans clean at your home

We like to keep our house clean and that includes even the lights and fans. Since these are things that are used regularly, a large amount of dust accumulates on them over a period of time. This affects their efficiency and they look dirty as well. So, make sure they are cleaned every three months. Here's how you should go about it.

Tip #1: Use a pillow case to clean the fan blades

Cleaning a ceiling fan might spread dust everywhere in the room. Naturally, you should aim to remove dust from it, without spreading the same. To do this, take a pillowcase to cover the blades of the fan you want to clean. Then, slowly slide the pillowcase from the fixed end toward the other end. This hack helps you to collect the dust, without littering.

Tip #2: Handle the lights gently while cleaning

For cleaning lights, remove the panel covering it. Place it on a soft surface, preferably on an old bed sheet or paper. Use a soft cloth to clean the dust on the light. Be cautious to use soft fabric for glass lights or chandeliers. You can use regular home cleaner to clean it. Ensure that it is dried before fixing on the cleaned panel.

Precaution #1: Certain precautions you should keep in mind before cleaning

Lights are rather delicate, so a small mistake while cleaning them might damage them. Choose an appropriate material to clean the lights. Handle the fans gently, especially the blades, to avoid bending them by mistake. After cleaning the motor area, let it dry for a while. It is recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from all the corners.

Precaution #2: Mask up and protect your eyes from dust while cleaning

-The eyes and nose are sensitive to dust particles and if exposed to heavy dust, it might aggravate your allergies and spark an illness. -Use a face mask and eyeglasses to avoid contact with dust particles. -The most important thing you should do before cleaning is to turn off the switches. -You can also use soap water to clean glass globe lights/cylindrical lamps.

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