Tips for flawless wedding makeup

How to get perfect wedding makeup

Wedding makeup tip 1: It’s a crime not to prime!

After moisturising, use a primer to ensure that your face is prepped and ready for foundation; this is the first step in achieving beautifully flawless, long lasting makeup. Primers are generally silicon based and create a perfect base for foundation, helping makeup bond to the skin’s surface and hold it in place. Besides giving your makeup more staying power, other benefits include smoother application, reduced appearance of pores, fine lines and imperfections. It helps plump out the skin too; this is great for mature complexions. Once you have used a primer, you won’t be without it and as the makeup artist mantra saying goes, ‘It’s a crime not to prime!’

Application tip:

Take a small amount of primer, using either clean fingers or a foundation brush. Apply evenly all over facial surface avoiding the eye area. Do not rub into skin, just allow primer to penetrate.

Wedding makeup tip 2: Trick of the trade

Apply your eye makeup before foundation. When an eye makeup brush is overloaded with eye shadow, you can end up with what is known as ‘fall out’, where pigments of eye shadow sprinkle under and around the eyes. When you try rubbing it away it can turn into an ugly mess.

Application tip:

One easy way of avoiding ‘fall out’ is by applying eye makeup before foundation. This is a really useful tip, especially when using loose pigment shadows.

Wedding makeup tip 3: No more blushing brides

Concealers are a must for hiding flaws and imperfections; be clever with your colour choices and application technique and the end result can be quite amazing. People often say that green toned concealers reduce redness, but they will only make you look, well, green! Instead, choose a yellow based concealer which neutralises areas of redness such as high cheek colour, broken veins or angry red spots – you should find this to be far more effective.

Application tip:

Apply concealer with a small flat brush or clean fingers. Take a small amount of concealer, dab and press onto skin until the redness starts to diminish. To finish, apply a small amount of foundation over the concealed areas and blend until the makeup appears even.

Wedding makeup tip 4: Perfect with powder

Once the foundation is on it will feel moist and look shiny. If a powder is not applied over the top of your makeup it will eventually slide away, so a loose powder is essential in order to fix and hold makeup in place, plus loose powder particles absorb any excess moisture and oil thus erasing any shine.

Application Tip:

Take a powder puff or sponge and press it into the loose powder. Follow by gently pressing the puff over the face, particularly concentrating on the t-zone area and chin. Then with a big fluffy powder brush, sweep away any excess powder.

Wedding makeup tip 5: For long lasting lipstick...

Lipstick is one item which does require the odd touch up. Unfortunately, long lasting lipsticks are drying and after a couple hours’ wear will begin to show signs of dryness. However, follow my next tip to keep your lips looking hydrated and fresh just that little bit longer.

Application Tip:

Apply foundation and a tiny bit of powder over the lips. Now apply your lip liner of choice, filling the entire lip area. The next step is to use a lip brush and sweep over the lips with a moisturising lipstick, then take a tissue and blot. Repeat the blotting and lipstick process two or three times.

Wedding makeup tip 6: And to finish!

Apply a touch of makeup finishing spray. There was a time when these could only be found in a makeup professional’s kit, but nowadays they are becoming ever increasingly popular and more easily accessible for everyday consumers. Makeup finishing mists are made with special polymers which are designed to keep makeup pigment fixed in place.

Application tip:

Once all makeup and powder has been applied, holding the finishing spray 12”-14” away, spritz a couple of times over your face, keeping eyes and mouth closed. Allow one or two minutes for dry time, and then blot away any excess moisture with a tissue. You can then apply a touch more powder and repeat the process again for increased longevity.

So there we have it! As you will see the key to long lasting flawless makeup is carefully selecting and layering appropriate products, rather than caking your skin with thick and heavy makeup. Read more on
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