Some tips to follow in case of insect bites

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Some tips to follow in case of insect bites
Some tips to follow in case of insect bites

26 Sep 2021: Some tips to follow in case of insect bites

When children watch Spider-Man films, they too fantasize about getting bit by a spider and gaining powers like Peter Parker. But trust us, in real life, it is harmful. Insect bites may not lead to dangerous consequences, but a few of them can cause deadly infections or inject toxic venom. In this article, we tell you what to do in case of insect bites.

Tips #1: First thing to do after an insect bite

Insect bites generally cause itching, redness on the skin, and/or a little swelling. It's seen in both children and adults. As a remedy, put an ice cube or ice bag on the reddened area. Wash the insect-bitten area with soap and water. Also, you can go for over-the-counter creams to treat the itching. But be careful not to apply them to open skin.

Tips #2: Some insect bites cause swelling and lead to pus formation

In case of swelling after insect bites, use antihistamine cream to reduce the swelling in the affected skin region. You can apply baking soda and water to stop the annoying itching. Aloe vera, basil leaves, and peppermint leaves have a good effect on insect bites. The antiseptic properties in aloe vera and basil leaves and the cooling effect of peppermint leaves provide relief.

Tips #3: Bee stings and bites are painful and poisonous as well

Honeybee stings are painful and may be poisonous till they are removed. Keep in mind not to use tweezers or squeeze the sting as it might inject more poison. Use debit or credit cards or something similar to remove the stings. Immediately wash the area with soap water and apply aloe vera. In case of multiple stings, seek medical advice from your doctor.

Caution: When should you seek a doctor's advice after insect bites?

Even though insect bites are common, a few insects or the place of insect bites should not be neglected. Be it children or adults, if the insect bite is around your mouth, neck, or ear and the swelling is not under control, then consult your doctor. Some insect bites may form pus, so it is recommended to seek the doctor's advice in that case.

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