Tips to avoid having your scooter stolen

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U-locks and chains are still very useful when it comes to protecting your scooter from theft.

In France, motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are stolen at a rate of one every 10 minutes, especially in urban areas where motorbike theft is increasingly common. To avoid the unpleasant surprise of having your two-wheeled pride and joy whisked away while your back is turned, riders need to be extra careful and follow certain rules to minimize risk. Here are few tips that should help ensure that motorbike or scooter is well-protected.

Don't park just anywhere

It might seem obvious, but when parking in public areas, you should choose somewhere where plenty of people will be able to see your machine. In a word, avoid poorly frequented side streets and unsupervised parking lots. If you are having lunch in a sidewalk cafe, try to put your bike somewhere where you can keep an eye on it, even if you are not nearby. The same applies to parking outside your office, where it may be possible to postion your machine where you can see it from a window. At the same time, you might consider varying your parking habits to avoid giving thieves the idea that your bike always there for the taking.

Always use a lock or locks

Whether you are parking for just a few minutes or an entire day, your bike should always be attached with a mechanical security lock to a bike bay hoop or another immovable object. When positioning the lock try to make sure that it does not touch the ground and attach it to a part of the bike that is not easily dismantled, like the frame or an anchorage point on the fork. Two security locks can make your machine an even more daunting prospect for thieves, who will have to spend twice as long if they try to steal it.

A GPS might prove to be invaluable

If your bike is stolen, a GPS tracker may prove to be a blessing. These small form devices, which have to be discreetly hidden somewhere on your machine, do require you to take out a subscription. However, once you have one installed, you can easily find your bike using a computer or a smartphone to access the service provider's dedicated website.

David Bénard