Tina Fey Is All of Us on Vacation in Her Hilarious Super Bowl Ad — Watch It Here

Go ahead, live your best life — or lives.

Tina Fey wants you to know you can be whoever you want to be on vacation. Including a sasquatch.

On Friday, unveiled its Super Bowl ad, featuring the A-list comedian and a few of her hilarious friends. In the spots, Fey explains that there are “so many choices on,” meaning there are “so many Tina Feys I could be.”

So, naturally, she hires a few body doubles to help her experience every kind of vacation.

Fey is joined in the 30-second ad by the iconic Glenn Close, Jane Krakowski, and Jack McBrayer, who all help her experience different ways to vacation — from “splurgy” Tina, who loves to shell out for a swanky hotel on Rodeo Drive, to “Rustic” Tina who just wants to find a little seclusion in the wilderness of Wyoming, and “Wild” Tina who wants a farm stay so she can ride one very specific horse.

And these aren't the only Tinas out there. There's also "Influencer Tina," who wants to find the perfect boutique hotel for her 'gram, and "30,000 steps Tina," who needs a mountain cabin to hike to.

" is on a mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world," Arjan Dijk, the senior vice president and chief marketing officer at, shared in a statement. "This year's Booking.yeah campaign shows that travelers can book whoever they want to be by using our seamless app, with a wide range of unique places to stay across the U.S. and the globe."

And really, these alter-egos are the perfect representations of how we all like to travel anyway. In October, released its travel predictions report, which showed that "68 percent of travelers believe they transform into the best version of themselves while roaming” and that 37 percent of those same travelers often tell “fictional stories about their lives” while on the go.

So let all the Tinas be your muse this year, and book whatever kind of vacation that will help you live your best life — no body doubles needed.

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