Tiltedmane Breaking Through the Underground Scene

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Jose Espinosa, famously known by the name TiLTEDMANE is a young American musician born on February 20, 2001 in Miami FL, United States. This young musician loves creating music that’s lit like fire!!! His music is often reflected as the voice of individuals who are facing depression.

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His goal is to compose music that people can relate to and that makes them feel good. Not only that, but he also wants to inspire young people and help those who are depressed. Isn’t that great?? His tunes might seem like some sort of grim music, but they’re not!!! You just have to listen and trust me, you’ll be in for a surprise.

Every song has its vibe, and TiLTEDMANE strives to avoid using the same flow twice; His songs have such diverse melodies that make you wanna crave more!! Everyone has some inspiration in his/her life, and for TiLTEDMANE, it’s his all-time bestie with whom he’ll discuss making music and rapping and after a few years, he is living his dream.

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Nothing is impossible if you don’t ever give up!! Speaking of great music, check out his upcoming song project available on all music platforms titled "NO EXPLANATION!" with a music video that’s gonna be lit!! Also, make sure to check out his single “Breaker Breaker” available at SoundCloud. Despite being a new artist, his music on SoundCloud surprisingly received great feedback with 200,000 views in total till now.

His song "Is Water Wet?" With over 500,000 views and 3000 retweets, he became a Twitter trending topic, making it a huge deal for him. As per his future, he wants to make 1 million streams on SoundCloud for his music, allowing him to feature on billboard hot 100 and more.

With his manager flicksbyed, he feels blessed and wishes to make great music that inspires youth and motivates everyone in the globe facing depression.

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