TikTok's Favorite Swiftie Is Selling Eras-Inspired Soaps and Candles

duane stenk of sparta candle co and his taylor swift inspired candle
Taylor Swift-Inspired Soaps Are Viral on TikTokHouse Beautiful

If you thought you were the biggest Taylor Swift fan, think again. Duane Swenk, a candle- and soap-maker at Sparta Candle Co., might not be who everyone first thinks of when they picture the classic Swiftie. Having garnered a large following for the Sparta Candle Co. TikTok page thanks to his soap cutting videos and soothing voice, Swenk has been a favorite for many on the app for quite a while now. However, it's how Swenk expresses his adoration for Miss Swift that has recently caused the brand to once again go viral: He's making (and cutting up) Taylor Swift-inspired soaps, and we're obsessed.

Swenk's daughter, Jennifer Swenk, is the one who started the candle-making business, but it's her father's totally endearing TikTok series, "Cuttin' Up with Duane", that definitely put the brand in the social media spotlight. While the page features videos of other soaps and the many candles being sold, it's the ones that feature the brand's Swiftie Collection that gain so many views and love from fellow fans. (Could Travis Kelce possibly be watching them too? We hope so!)

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The latest video that's gone viral with over one million views highlights Swenk's "new favorite" soap named after the eponymous Swift era, Reputation. Visually striking, the bar of soap looks like it has a snake slithering through it, and Swenk explains in his calming voiceover that it has scent notes of oakmoss, sage, and lavender to complement the "dark vibe." Fellow Swifties are in complete support of Swenk and his soaps, one commenting under the video, "As a Swiftie, this is the most pure thing I’ve ever seen. Literally crying." Fans of both the business and the singer adore this collection, with many asking for soap and candle bundles that would include products from each of the eras: "Hear me out: a sample pack called the eras tour," one wrote. Truly a genius idea. There's a soap or candle for almost everyone, from the Lovers era to Folklore to 1989.

Whether or not you're a Taylor Swift fan, there's no denying that Sparta Candle Co.'s scented products are visually stunning and seem to smell amazing. And if you wouldn't consider yourself a Swiftie, they have plenty of other soaps and candles you can still get your hands on. But us? Yeah, we've got our eyes on their Swiftie Collection. (Looking at you, Folklore candle.) They'd make the perfect housewarming present for Travis Kelce and his new Kansas City mansion.

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