TikTok Reveals That Every 1 In 4 Active User Is A Mum

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Short-form TikTok videos are all the rage today. Everybody who is anybody is on this platform. And its ability to create influencers and stars out of common people has catapulted it into one of the biggest and most popular social media spaces in the world.

No wonder then that it is a preferred app of GenZ and millennials. But there’s another niche demographic that is gaining popularity within the TikTok realm: mothers.

It turns out mums doing TikTok is an actual thing and they are one of the more popular content creators on the app.

Why Is TikTok So Popular Among Mums?

mums doing TikTok
mums doing TikTok

Image Source: TikTok

The data shared by TikTok reveals that about 27 per cent or about one out of four of their users are mothers of different ages. It further revealed that about 48 percent of the mums uploading content on the app are working mothers.

With a strong purchasing power in the family and turning to online shopping on their phones in these times, mums are making purchase decisions based on what the app creators have to share about different products.

Several mum users follow influencers on TikTok who share user reviews or have brand integrations in place in their videos. Some creators also do product reviews and recommendations.

It turns out millennial mums are brand evangelists and that works out great for product sales. As a brand, if you’ve managed to tap into the right influencer, you are likely to see a sharp spike in sales.

But that’s one aspect of mumfluencers who have made it big on TikTok.

Mums are making interesting videos on TikTok

For the larger user base though, the videos still remain about creating fun content with hopes of being viral. Mums doing TikTok often feature not just themselves but their children as well as partners– either working on sketches on recreating popular TikToks.

For instance, one of the biggest mum stars on TikTok is Varli Singh. The New York mother of two is known by her handle @Varlicious and has over half a million followers on the app.

She is extremely popular for her prank clips and music videos. The videos often feature her kids and sometimes other children, with the videos receiving over 50,000 to 100,000 likes.

Not just Varli but Joyce with the handle @author_lady_j is a prominent mumfluencer with over 20,000 followers.

Popular TikTok Mums Of Singapore

mums doing tiktok
mums doing tiktok

Image Source: @adelinebabysuns

Closer to home, TikTok saw a major spike in users in Singapore during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Straits Times report revealed that the country alone had over 3.4 million users on the app towards the end of 2020. The number is only expected to increase further.

Mumfluencers on the Tiktok app in Singapore have been using it to share snippets about their lives while creating fun videos that can be easily binged.

Some of the more popular TikTok makers in Singapore include Aakarshana Saravanan who goes by the @shanadramaqueen and has about 10,000 followers and often shares videos and content with her three children.

Similarly, Evonne with the handle @evonnz has over 30,000 followers and shares about her lifestyle, food habits, and her pet bunny.

Actor and mother Brie – @briebenfell makes content on motherhood, fitness, and more. Mrs Singapore World 2016/17 @adelinebabysuns is also extremely popular with over 12,000 followers.

The reason why TikTok is turning out to be a popular choice is because of the amount of content it offers. The short format videos are easy to consume, especially multiple at a time. GenZ users and young millennials will continue to dominate TikTok on either side of the screen.

However, the number of mums on the app are increasing rapidly. And that’s a trend specific to TikTok over other social media apps.

Previously considered to be a niche, the TikTok mums are here to survive and thrive and create their own massive fan base, competing for head-on with the younger TikTok influencers. As far as the quest for content goes, there’s no sign of mums slowing down.

Lead/Feature images courtesy: @adelinebabysuns & @Varlicious


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