TikTok is organizing monthly gaming live streams

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TiKTok's The Game Room series kicks off November 19.

Is TikTok stepping on the toes of Twitch? The Chinese social network is getting into video game streaming. Once a month, TikTok will broadcast a live show where celebrities will play their favorite video games. The first instalment takes place this Friday, November 19 with one of the stars of the series "Stranger Things."

Should Twitch be worried? The video game streaming platform has a new competitor -- and it's a big one. TikTok is launching video game streaming with "The Game Room," a new monthly live event. "This new experience brings together gaming and culture together, unlocking new ways to play and be entertained on TikTok," said TikTok .

Noah Schnapp, Will in "Stranger Things," is the first special participant

The biggest creator names on TikTok as well as celebrities will take turns playing their favorite video games, all broadcast live on the social network. The first stream is set for this Friday, November 19, 2021 at 7pm (US time) on the official TikTok account. Noah Schnapp, one of the main actors from hit Netflix series "Stranger Things," will be the first famous face on the show. He will be going up against six popular TikTok creators in the gaming world: @sushibae , @sambuchalul , @nathandavisjrndj , @fazeclipz , @hannahxxrose , and @overtflow . This competition will concern the video game "Among Us."

As on Twitch, TikTok users will be able to interact during the stream or help players: We're excited to put the gaming community front and center and can't wait to see how fans and viewers interact and react to this LIVE event," said the social network in a release.

With "The Game Room," TikTok reinforces its desire to branch out. With more than a billion active users per month, TikTok could potentially overshadow Twitch, which has been hit by numerous scandals that have weakened its position. In the face of the hate raid issues encountered by Twitch users, many people left for other platforms. Some streamers even called for a boycott of Twitch back in September.

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