TikTok Mum Shares An Awesome Hack To Creatively Use Baby’s Old Onesies

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Even before our little ones come into the world, we stock up on cute baby clothes. From onesies to dresses, from boiler suits to shorts, nothing is off limit.

But even though it is great fun to buy baby clothes, there is also a big downside. Since your infant grows rapidly, they will soon outgrow their clothes. This means buying new clothes may become a frequent activity – thus adding to your monthly expenses.

If you’re a parent of two, you can still use your older child’s clothes for your younger one. But if you only have one kid this could be tricky. But a Tiktok mum @xotiny has the perfect solution!

She shared a clever trick to show the many creative things to do with old clothes, including up-cycling her daughter’s onesie.

Creative Things To Do With Old Clothes

creative things to do with old clothes
creative things to do with old clothes

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In the video you can see the mum taking a pair of scissors and cutting the bottom flap off an old onesie. She then uses this flap as a bib, and the remaining piece of the onesie is still a perfectly usable t-shirt. Yes, it’s that simple and that easy!

Her video has now garnered 4.4million views, leaving parents surprised for not thinking of this idea before!

She received encouraging and positive comments from other mums too, who loved her idea. As one user wrote, “Oh my gosh. Why didn’t I think of this when my twins were little?” Another chimed in, “Where were you 30 years ago?”

Do you have your kid’s old clothes stacked up in the cupboard and are wondering what to do with them?

Here are 5 creative ways to up-cycle your baby clothes into useful items and keepsakes.

Creative Things To Do With Old Clothes: 5 Ways To Use Old Onesies

It can be hard to let go of our baby’s clothes because we have fond memories attached to them, which makes them all the more priceless! But, after they’ve been used, they don’t much have any use, unless you get creative.

Here are some ideas that allow you to reuse your kid’s old clothes without having to part ways with them forever.

Memory bear

If you have several of your kid’s old onesies then you can make a memory bear out of it. It can be fashioned from old clothes, patches and even handkerchiefs. It can serve as your kid’s sleeping buddy and be a reminder of the good old days for you.

Watch this video to learn how to make a memory bear.

Dinosaur soft toy

You can get really creative by creating soft toys from your kid’s outgrown onesies. The best part about baby clothes is not only are they cute, but they come in awesome patterns and colours. So, when you make something out of it, be assured that it will turn out to be fun and vibrant as well!

You just need to cut out the cute little dinosaur pattern from the onesie, sew it all together and then stuff it with a pillow, cotton or a blanket. Then you can sew in the eyes and that’s it. Your child’s new toy is ready.

Watch this video to learn how to make a dinosaur soft toy.

Christmas stocking

Another easy and creative way to use your baby’s onesie is to fashion a Christmas stocking. This can allow you to create personalised stockings without spending money on new ones. You can use patchwork design cut from different pieces of clothing and that can work just as well too.

Check out this video to see how you can fashion for yourself.

Frame it

You can treasure your child’s onesie by framing it. You can also get creative with the frame and its size and design. You can choose to create one yourself by customising it with stickers or photos or add a sweet message for your baby.

Here’s an easy way to use a shoebox as a frame and your baby’s onesies as the display item.

Cloth bouquet

If you are looking to preserve your baby’s clothes, you can create a clothing bouquet. Keep it in your nursery or on your study table, just as you would a normal bouquet. Watch this video to check out how to create one.

We hope you enjoyed our list of five creative ideas to repurpose old baby clothes and will be creating some of these at home.

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