Tiffany Haddish stays fit by walking up stairs

Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish maintains her fitness by walking up flights of stairs.

The Like a Boss actress has opened up about her daily routine in a video for the Harper's Bazaar YouTube channel, and during the chat, divulged that she isn’t a big fan of exercise.

However, Tiffany always makes a point of taking the stairs when visiting tall buildings.

“People ask me this all the time, ‘Tiffany what are you doing to maintain that fantastic body?’ and I have to do tell them the truth – not a damn thing,” she insisted. “I like to work out in groups, when nobody be looking at me. But I prefer to do stairs, like if I’m in a tall building I like to go up and down the stairs.”

When it comes to her diet, Tiffany will often have leftovers for breakfast and munch on apples, oranges, nectarines, dried apricots, and almonds in-between meals.

And she tends to select healthy options for lunch too.

“A typical lunch for me would be a salad. If I’m in a place that’s cold, like back East, I want a pastrami sandwich. I want lentil bean soup, chicken soup,” the 40-year-old shared.

Elsewhere in the interview, Tiffany noted that she always has her handbag and car stocked with snacks as she turns into a “different person” when she gets hungry.

“People ask me, ‘Tiffany do you get hangry?’ Yes. I turn into a different person when I’m hungry. It’s not my fault either, I’m a nice person,” she smiled. “But it’s the parasites inside of me, when they are hungry and they don’t eat, they take over my mind and I’m pretty mean to everybody. I don’t mean to be though!”

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