Thousands of Czechs rally in Prague to demand the government's resignation

PRAGUE (AP) — Thousands of Czechs rallied in the capital on Saturday to demand the government’s resignation over high energy and other prices as well as the war in Ukraine.

The protest united far-right with far-left forces and was the third such rally at Prague’s Wenceslas Square this year that was organized by a new political party known as PRO.

The demonstrators repeatedly chanted a message for the five-party ruling coalition to "resign.”

The head of the populist group, Jindrich Rajchl, blamed the government “for following orders from Brussels,” criticized the country’s support for Ukraine and its close ties with the United States.

His group, whose name in English stands for Law, Respect, Expertise, has no seats in parliament.

Some demonstrators demanded the country quit NATO.

The protesters were planning to march to the Interior Ministry building in Prague.