This Lego E.T. Might Make Amends for the Infamously Horrible Atari Game

Marcus Errico
Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Entertainment

E.T. is a classic movie… and classically disastrous video game. You’re probably familiar with the story. In 1982, Atari, then the dominant force in home entertainment, secured the rights to the reigning No. 1 film of all time, Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. But instead of delivering a game worthy of its namesake, the Atari adaptation was a rushed, buggy, blocky mess. The financial blow sent Atari reeling. So many cartridges went unsold that the company buried upwards of a million copies in a New Mexico landfill, unearthed years later in footage captured by the crew for the documentary Atari: Game Over.

Opening scene from Atari’s notorious ‘E.T.’ (Atari)

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Now, after decades as the poster creature for bad games (those Game Boy and PlayStation titles of the early aughts didn’t help), the irrepressible alien is back for another go-round, this time starring in an expansion set for Lego Dimensions. Based on a new teaser (watch at the top of this story), the E.T. “fun pack” will allow players to relive key plot points from the film — much more coherently than the Atari version, by the looks of it.

E.T. and his ship look much more convincing this time out (Lego/WBIE/TT Games)
E.T. takes flight (Lego/WBIE/TT Games)

The alien can also interact with other licensed characters available in Dimensions, including those from Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Goonies, Mission: Impossible, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, DC superheroes, and The Simpsons.

E.T. hits Springfield (Lego/WBIE/TT Games)

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While E.T. has been the subject of a few games, this is, surprisingly, the first time he has been morphed into Lego form. A few years ago, there was a cool proposal for an E.T.-based set on the the toy maker’s incubation site, which solicits ideas from fans and then promises to mass-produce the concepts if there’s enough community support (think of it as a Lego Kickstarter), but the project fell short of the vote threshold.

Meanwhile, the upcoming E.T. pack, containing a minifigure of the alien along with a transformable “phone home” accessory, will be on sale in mid-November for $11.99.

The E.T. fun pack includes the first-ever Lego minifigure of the beloved alien (Lego/WBIE/TT Games)