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This $55 tripod phone stand makes my life a little bit easier — here's why you need it too

I use this handy tripod phone stand every day — here's why it's great.

This phone tripod is incredibly handy for video chats, streaming and more (videos via author).
This phone tripod is incredibly handy for video chats, streaming and more (videos via author).

A phone stand is one of those things that — even though you don't necessarily need one — make life a little bit easier. Personally, I find myself unfolding my phone stand — the Moft Invisible Tripod — whenever I'm cooking from an online recipe, FaceTiming a loved one or streaming a show mid-flight. This compact and durable origami-style accessory has become one of my favourite gadgets of 2024. To learn why I love it and pick up this surprisingly handy device (it also makes for a great gift, by the way), read my thoughts below.

Shop the Moft Invisible Phone Tripod Stand in four colours: black, white, blue and seafoam. 

  • Sturdy
  • Can rotate phone
  • Versatile
  • Easily detaches
  • It's a little bulky
$55 at Amazon

The Moft phone tripod stand is designed for iPhones 15, 14, 13 and 12; however, anyone with a smartphone could use it as its adhesive metal ring is compatible with non-MagSafe phones.

Dubbed "The Invisible Tripod" by Moft, the stand is a one-piece pocket-sized accessory that attaches to your phone case via its metal ring (make sure to double-check if your phone case is compatible before you buy; TPU, PC and aluminum cases work best).

The snap-on tripod offers three modes: floating, vlogging and showcase. That said, users can toggle at will, so you're not limited to three set positions.

It weighs just three ounces, so you barely feel any additional weight. The stand is designed for content creators, but anyone can use (and benefit from) it. I, for one, am not a content creator, but I love it for FaceTiming and holding up recipes while cooking.

This tripod phone stand is great for watching videos (photos via author).
This tripod phone stand is great for watching videos (photos via author).

I never thought I would be the type of person with strong opinions about a phone case until I got the Moft tripod stand, but now, here I am — a person with strong opinions!

After several months of using it, I am honestly so impressed. The magnetic case feels sturdy, and it offers a ton of different uses despite its compact design.

The phone case is around the same size as a credit card, so it's not too bulky. When your phone is attached and the case is unfolded, it stands around eight inches in height, making it handy for reading recipes, FaceTiming loved ones, and, my personal favourite, watching in-flight movies while travelling. It's also convenient for charging your phone, as the power source remains accessible.

The origami-inspired design snaps easily on and off (photos via author).
The origami-inspired design snaps easily on and off (photos via author).

You can bend the tripod at (almost) any angle you want, and, in my experience, the magnet has never faltered. That said, some Amazon reviewers call it a "weak" magnet that's "not suitable" for vlogging or recording at an arms-length — something to keep in mind if you're interested in purchasing.

If you'd benefit from a phone stand or makeshift tripod but can't be bothered to invest in a full-length one (like this 62" phone tripod), the Moft phone case is a versatile, albeit costlier, option. Personally, I think it's worth its $55 price tag if you think of the cost per use; however, if you want a (slightly) cheaper version, this Spigen S319 (MagFit+) Tripod Phone Stand might do the trick.

My only real qualm with the Moft case is that it falls off rather easily if you drop your phone. The adhesive magnetic ring (the circle attached to the back of your phone) will stay on, but the magnetic tripod will detach if and when your phone falls.

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