‘Third Time’s A Charm’: Former DJ Daniel Ong Gets Married To Fiancée

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Despite having two previous marriages end, former DJ Daniel Ong “still believes in marriage, 100 per cent,” when he spoke about his 35-year-old art teacher girlfriend, Fay Tan. “She will be the last woman that I will love,” he revealed in an interview with a local publication in September 2019.

And this is exactly what he proved to believe in when he tied the knot on Sunday, 2 February 2020.

daniel ong married

Photo: thecollectivememories | Instagram

Daniel Ong Married To “The One”

It can be remembered that the couple got engaged during their romantic holiday in the Maldives in August 2019.

Despite having dated for only a year, Daniel said he “became a better version of myself. I became a better person, and it’s because of her.”

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“The moment we met, we clicked immediately.”

The couple first met through dating platform, Coffee Meets Bagel, and quickly found common ground with one another, especially with them being single parents. 

Understanding one another came naturally and Daniel says that they “balances” each other out.

Even their daughters, Renee (from Daniel’s previous marriage) and Gretel (from Fay’s previous marriage) “really get along”, according to Daniel.

Sisters, Renee (10) and Gretel (5), took to each other well. | Photo: daniel_ong_singapore | Instagram

Love Knows No Boundaries

In Fay’s recent Instagram post, she dedicates the sweetest message ever to Renee, her now official ‘stepdaughter’. 

Fay, together with Renee from Daniel’s former marriage with Jaime Teo. | Photo: fayfaytan / Instagram

“I, Fay, take you, Renee the sweetest and most amazing girl, to be my stepdaughter,” wrote Fay.

“On this day, I promise to love, support and guide you as my own, to celebrate your achievements and comfort you when you are sad. I look forward to having lots of fun with you, Greta and daddy, as a family and the best of buddies. I love you, Renee.”

Aww, this is literally the sweetest thing ever. Congratulations to Daniel and Fay! 

daniel ong married

Daniel Ong married: “what we have is something very special”.

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