I Think You Should Leave season 3 trailer just convinced me to not cancel Netflix

 Tim Robinson looks scared in the I Think You Should Leave season 3 trailer
Tim Robinson looks scared in the I Think You Should Leave season 3 trailer

Buckle up, folks: I Think You Should Leave season 3's trailer is here, and it's really good. And, yes, a sheer lot of it is just like the show itself, as a panicked Tim Robinson is desperately trying to figure something out.

The trailer couldn't have come at a better time, as the Netflix password-sharing crackdown has my parents and I debating what to do with our Netflix account. For those who need a reminder, ITYSL season 3 comes out on May 30th.

In this brisk 109-second clip that previews the return of one of the best Netflix shows, we get a rapid-fire set of teases of the incoming inanity. That includes the returning Biff Wiff (i.e. Santa), who claims he tried to "rip the Wright brothers off the ceiling." Check it out:

This trailer even has a giant muscled-up baby (more on that actor below) hitting a man with a lollipop while another man is choked out with a toilet seat. Even in my wildest dreams, I couldn't have made this stuff up.

We also get a (possibly partial) cast list, as Jason Schwartzman, Tim Meadows, Fred Armisen, Sam Richardson, Will Forte, Patti Harrison  and Ayo Edibiri are among the many names plastered on screen.

Then, we see Schwartzman himself, talking about family vacation that he might regret bringing his kids on. All followed by an embarrassing drive-thru incident.

Analysis: I Think You Should Leave is embracing a surprising form of entertainment

As I constantly hit pause throughout the trailer, I started to realize a pattern. I Think You Should Leave has four different professional wrestlers in this season, up from the one (Brody King as Mike 'The Rock' Davis) from last season.

Maybe I only picked up on this because I'm a pro wrestling fan myself, but the first three guesting wrestlers are seen in that aforementioned moment with the giant baby (JR Kratos) and one bearded man (Erick Redbeard, formerly Erick Rowan in the WWE) choking another man (The Hollywood Hunk Nick Nemeth) with a toilet-seat.

Then, lastly, I noticed Aron Stevens (formerly Damien Sandow in the WWE) is the guy who yells at Tim Robinson through his car window. I don't know if this is all happening because Robinson has connections in the pro wrestling world, but we could be seeing a new wave of pro wrestlers breaking out in mainstream entertainment.

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